Thursday, March 30, 2006


I took Lily to the doctor this morning. I just love our doctor-she is so nice. Her throat was a little red and the first thing they did was bring her a popscicle! They did a strep test and it was negative, so that's good. She is actually a LOT better today. I think the only thing it takes to get my kids well is to make a doctor appointment. I took her in and she seemed perfectly fine--if they only could have seen her yesterday. Of course, it was just as I suspected--a virus. She did have lots of earwax(gross, I know) and they had to stick a hook in and get it out. They couldn't get it in one, so they had to put drops in, wait a while and then flush it with water, which still didn't get it. So back in went the hook and out came a pea sized dried piece of ear wax. She said she can hear so much better! So she wasn't just ignoring me all those times!! It irritated her ear canal to do all that so she is on antibiotic drops just to make sure it doesn't get infected. She also gave me a home remedy to put in once a week to keep it from getting like that. She said some kids are just prone to getting build up. Wyatt has had to have it removed before, too. They said it can really affect their hearing. Anyway, she really wanted me to take her to lunch and she really wanted Chinese, so we went to Mark Pi's which is my new favorite! I think the food is as good as PF Changs and SO cheap!


Amy said...

I'm so glad Lily is feeling a little better.