Monday, October 29, 2007


Our hotel room. It was gorgeous!
Charlene and I after we got back from the show. We had already changed into our jeans. Since you can't take cameras to Oprah, we didn't get any pics before the show.

A couple of pics of the ultra hip lounge.
The lobby. That's the check in desk with all of the crystal in the glass case. It was so unique.

The kids at our neighbor's pumpkin carving party. They ALL piled into one wagon. Good thing Little Tikes is made so well!
Carving their pumpkins.

We made Halloween cookies over break. I let them go to town and BOY were they interesting cookies!
Wyatt's "mouth" cookie he made by cutting the ends off candy corn. Pretty creative, I thought.
Jeff was gone all last week and the kids were so excited he was coming home, they made him welcome banners, a great dinner and homemade chocolate chip cookies.
We took an impromptu trip up to Frankenmuth, MI to see the new Ralph Lauren children's store that Jeff spent all last week opening. It was gorgeous! I got the kids' Christmas outfits there. Perfect timing, since Lily is just now out of their 6x size and this store has up to 14.
A big hay bale creature in Frankenmuth.

The weekend before Fall Break, Lily did the show choir clinic. Look how many kids participated. It was great--we'll definitely do it again next year. We're so lucky that our schools have all of these great opportunities for the kids!
The t-shirts are so cute with the High School Musical logo.
Last soccer game. Lily really came a long way and held her own against many much larger girls!
I took the kids to Russell Farms to get pumpkins. There was a ton to do there for $4. We got lost in the 5 acre corn maze for a while.
On the hayride. Don't they look like they love each other? A rare moment!
Well, we had a great Fall Break. It went so fast. We didn't do a ton, but just enough to stay busy but still have lots of down time, which the kids and I both enjoyed. Jeff came home Friday night and Saturday morning we took off to Frankenmuth for the night. Got home Sunday and went to our neighbors pumpkin carving party.
OK, some details on Oprah. It will be on tomorrow. Here's the show. We walked away with about $300 worth of goodies. Cindy Crawford's complete skin care line, $50 gift card to CVS(somehow I got 2 in my bag-don't think I was supposed to), Kissable Couture lipgloss, and, ironically, Ralph Lauren's huge 15 pound book, which Jeff had just gotten from work a week before. We had a great time and I think my favorite part was just relaxing at meals with adult conversation( we had some GREAT food!) and walking around the city. Tune in tomorrow and maybe you'll get a glimpse of us in the audience!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oprah was AWESOME!!! Cindy Crawford, Ivanka Trump, lots of give-aways. We had a blast! The show will air October 30. More details later!
Looking SOOO forward to a few days with NO PLANS!!! YAY!!
Can't wait to just hang out with the kids and not be in a rush to get anywhere or do anything!
SO much to be said for "down time"!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lily had a blast at her show choir clinic yesterday---she got to perform "Bop to the Top", so she was in heaven. She also had her last soccer game and it was a a nail biter! They managed to squeak out the win in the last minute of the game which gives them only one loss for the season!! I'll post pics later. No time now---need to do some last minute cleaning and shopping before the in-laws arrive and then it's off to Chicago in the morning!!
Oh, Jeff painted the upstairs guest/kids bathroom yesterday, too. It looks great-I'll post pics of that later, too.
Countdown to Oprah----2 days;-)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Lily did a dance clinic last Saturday put on by the high school dance team. It was great---for $20, they learned 3 dances, got a t-shirt, a CD of all their music and lunch. She had a blast! I was amazed at what they had learned in one day. This pic is of the big girls showing one of their routines. I videoed Lily's. Tomorrow she's doing a show choir clinic put on by the high school choir. They are doing High School Musical so she's really excited. They will also have a performance at 2:30.
Lily with some of her class friends at her Fall party today.
Pumpkin bowling.
My new haircut-terrible picture! Lily took a couple with the flash and I kept closing my eyes, so this was without the flash and it's blurry. I took a pic in and this ended up a bit shorter than the pic, but I like it. I got so many looks and comments from the kids at school today. I'm thinking it won't take nearly as long to blow dry-so that's a good thing. I was beginning to dread washing my hair because it took so long to dry.

Countdown to Oprah---4 days!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Here's where Charlene's sister is putting us up in Chicago when we go to the Oprah show. It looks so nice.
Hmmm-what to wear, what to wear?!?!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Well, there hasn't really been much to blog about lately.
Wyatt had his piano recital at school last week and did really well. I took my camera and got a little video, but forgot to put the memory card in and wasn't able to get all of it. He did very well and wants piano lessons now. We'll see.
The only real news I have is my friend Charlene got 2 tickets to the Oprah show for a gift and asked me to go with her! It's in a couple of weeks and on pretty much our busiest day of the whole month! I was determined to figure out a way to go, though, and my mother-in-law is coming to stay with the kids. She's also putting us up in a nice hotel so all I will have to pay for are meals and gas. Should be fun.
Well, off to get ready for work!