Sunday, January 25, 2009


Bulletin board and "L"


Curtains I made. You can see the stenciling at the top also. It took FOREVER! The green color is the truest in this pic. It's bright--not minty as it looks in the other pics.

I have beed redecorating Lily's room slowly but surely for a while now. We have done many projects and usually try to do one per weekend. The only thing I now have left is to make the bedskirt. I made the curtains, painted and decorated the lamps, mirror, a big letter "L" and some other accessories and made a bulletin board. I'm so happy with the way things have turned out. Lily is, too. She had total input on what we did and helped a lot. It was fun but I'll be glad to have it DONE! Hopefully next weekend!

Monday, January 05, 2009


Christmas Eve

Did Santa come?

I-pod Nano

Rejoicing that she got her i-pod Nano

Lily loves to draw and design clothes.

Speaks for itself.

Lily and her friends are so into the string tricks-not sure what you call it---Cat's Cradle maybe? She got a book of tricks.

These are some pictures I took of Lily at Jeff's dad's overlooking the lake. It was near 70 degrees that day so the kids played outside a lot. She was hamming it up, as usual.

Opening gifts at their Nema's house.

Lily's favorite gift from Nema and Papaw---a big comfy chair for her room. Well, probably a close second to her phone, anyway. Wyatt's favorite was probably WiMusic.

We had so much fun playing Cranium Family Edition. Here Lily had to pick something up with her toes and stick something to her forehead. We laughed so hard.

Jeff and Wyatt got to go to a UK basketball game. Wyatt had never been so it was an exciting experience for him. We didn't know they would be going before we got there, so, of course, they had to go out and buy appropriate attire!!

Go Big Blue!!! Wyatt had a sign to hold up for 3 point shots---and they made many. They won the game-so that was a plus!

Here's my brother, Steve, playing Cranium. He had to stack blocks on his head and stand on one leg for 10 seconds! He finally did it after we realized he didn't have to stack them on top of one another

Jeff's aunt took this of us.

The next pictures are from our trip to Nashville and the Opryland hotel. We had such a great time. I wish we could freeze the kids at these ages for a few years. They still want to do things with us but are old enough to be truly enjoyable and fun. They are truly 2 of my favorite people to be around! We had such a great family time, laughed a lot and made some wonderful memories!

Inside the Opryland Hotel.

On the boat ride inside the hotel

The next pictures are from the ICE exhibit they had at the hotel. It was very cool----and all made of ice!

That is all ice behind them. They give you coats to wear---it was 9 degrees in there! The day we went it was near 70 outside, too!

They both went down the ice slide---here's Wyatt.

Jeff and the kids in the ice tunnel.

Helping to carve the roast beast.

Awesome nativity scene made of ice.

Wreath all made of ice

Lily and I ready for New Year's Eve.

Cake from the party we went to.

They had a red carpet going into the party and "paparazzi" that took your picture. Lily was in heaven.

We went to the room and watched the ball drop in New York at 11 Nashville time. Wyatt was pooped from a busy day, so stayed in the room. Lily, my party girl, wanted to go back to the party to celebrate the New Year there and see the main band---Superchick. We made it til midnight-which was actually 1am our time.

Pooped out on the way home.