Friday, March 24, 2006

I haven't had much occasion to take pictures this week, but here are a couple from this summer-4th of July that I really like. Like Lily's leopard scarf belt? She accessorized herself. It doesn't clash at all. Ican't wait til the backyard looks like that again.
We had an eventful afternoon yesterday. As we were leaving to get the kids' haircuts, Lily locked the car door---with the keys, AND my purse inside. Oh, just get the spare set, you say? Well, that would be a great idea, but always in a hurry me grabbed the spare set the day before when I couldn't find my regular set quickly enough. Therefore, you guesed it, they were BOTH in the car(along with the valet key that we keep in the glove box). Lesson learned----make sure the spare is always in the house. Anyway, after calling locksmiths which would cost $60 and the Honda dealership which could make me a key if I could just get there and get it(I forgot to mention Jeff is out of town), I remembered that I had a policeman neighbor(thanks Tracee) and I went and knocked on his door. He called in reinforcements and they finally got it open-WHEW! Needless to say, the kids missed their haircuts. Oh well, at least I'm not without a car today.
On a more positive note, we found out we're getting enough of a tax return to pay for our washer and dryer and vacation--I love our tax guy!