Sunday, March 05, 2006

Well, the kids got all rested up yesterday from the sleepover. They both went to sleep right after lunch and slept 3 hours. Lily had her Girl Scout cookie booth at 3 and she was still asleep. I wasn't about to wake her up so I went up without her and Jeff brought her up when she woke up--it was about 3:30 when she got there. They had a great time selling cookies and sold 48 boxes--not too bad. The pictures aren't very good because they were in front of a big window. As you can tell the sun was out yesterday. It's snowing hard right now!! The ground is getting covered! SPRING--where are you!?!?! I am just NOT a winter person anymore. Well, I'm sure spring is just around the corner!!
Jeff is working in the basement today--he got the ceiling all finished in the closet and is putting the walls up now--they should hopefully be finished today! It's starting to look like something now! It would have been so nice to have for Wyatt's party! Maybe it'll be finished in time for Lily's in May!