Thursday, September 25, 2008


Lily (in her fake glasses) and Emma at the game.

That's Wyatt on the end closest.

Some pics of Wyatt playing football. They have played 3 games and won them all. Sunday they won 27-0. He's number 63. I think you can find him in most of the pics. He also has a black stripe on his helmet.

Lily had her Girl Scout bridging ceremony last week. She is now a Girl Scout Junior, no longer a Brownie. She still really likes it and they have lots of fun things planned for this year.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today Lily was at her dentist appointment. It had been a crazy, hectic, somewhat stressful afternoon where things just weren't quite going my way. Ever had one of those? Anyway, when she was finished, the hygenist pulled me aside into this little room. I was thinking, uh, oh---something must be wrong. After she told me that Lily's teeth were fine, she said she just wanted to tell me how much they love Lily because she is so mannerly and sweet. She ended by saying, " You've got a really great kid there." I thanked her and told her that is music to a parents' ears. I thought it was really nice of her to take time to tell me that, too. God really knows when to give you a little pick-me-up doesn't he? Manners are something very important to Jeff and me and something we work on daily with the kids. It's just so nice to know it is paying off in some way, however small. Just a little proud moment I wanted to share. It's the little things, ya know;-)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not a great picture from my phone of how muddy Wyatt was after his game today.

We just got back from Wyatt's football game. It was an away game at another church in Indy. It POURED the game before his, but luckily stopped for his. I left my camera in my car when I met Jeff and got in his, so tried to get a few pics on my phone. We'll see if I can get them on here. He started on offense and played the whole game! He was so excited! He did very well. They were so covered in mud at the end. Oh, and they won 34-0.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Wyatt played in the band at the high school game Friday night. He's behind a tall girl, so I got a pic of the top of his head. He's really loving this music thing.
Wyatt is number 63 on the far right.

Posing for me----and hating me for it!

Wyatt's team, the Eagles, won their first game today 6-0. He played well when he was in.
His nickname on the team is "Searcy Tower".
Well, off to read-"Breaking Dawn" is calling to me!

Wyatt plays his first football game of the season today at 4. He is so excited--he's starting as an offensive tackle. He has worked SO hard at practices. I'm so proud of his grit---that I didn't know he had!!I'll have pics later!
Movie recommendation-----Wall-E. We saw it yesterday and it was so good. It has a GREAT, although somewhat forboding, message. At least it can be a wake up call for us and it's not too late! A must see for our kids in my opinion!
Oh, and if you haven't read the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer-I highly recommend that, also!! A lot of my book recommendations come from Wyatt. "Mom, you HAVE to read this--it's the best book I ever read!" His favorite genre is Fantasy, which is not mine. So, I TRY to like his books, but don't always. Well, he read the whole Twilight series and loved it. This is one I can agree with him on. I'm on the 4th book now and I'm riveted! Can't wait for the movie November 21st!

Friday, September 05, 2008


Lily tubing with cousins Haley and Hannah

Cousins----Ellie, Lily and Hannah
Lily loves the Sea-Doo

1st time in about 20 years! I skied several times---but, no pictures---luckily!

Wyatt driving the boat-now we know he really SHOULD be 12 years old to drive it and take a class---he'll do that next summer. He really does a great job driving--even going really fast.
Lily and Haley on the trampoline.

Lily getting a turn on Uncle Tucker's guitar. They also all played his trumpet later that night.

We had such a great time at the lake this weekend. We all just love it there. Sleeping on the houseboat is so peaceful.
It's been a busy week and will be a pretty busy weekend, too. Wyatt is playing in the band at the high school football game tonight. I'm listening to him practice his trumpet right now. Not too bad for 3 weeks practice! His first football game is on Sunday. He's ready.
Lily has loved her drama classes. They will do a performance at the end. She is doing a soliloquy(sp?) of Lucy from Charlie Brown. She's excited.

Monday, September 01, 2008

We're back from an awesome long weekend at Herrington Lake. It was a great time-the kids had an absolute blast. Lily said she wants to move there and Wyatt said it's his favorite place in the world. Such a great escape from reality---it's like a different world there. Back to reality tomorrow, though! I guess it's inevitable! I'll have pics to post--hopefully tomorrow. Off to get everyone much needed showers!