Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is Lily's ballet costume for recital in June. She has been SOO anxious to get her costumes. We haven't gotten her tap one yet, but it is a pirate theme.
This is very different than anything she has ever had. It's supposed to represent water and is very flowy--more of a lyrical dance costume. It looks so cute on her. She loves it!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Spirit wear day at school.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Lily, Savannah and Emma "painting" the sidewalk.

It was the most perfect weather here this past weekend. Close to 80 and beautiful. We spent the whole weekend outside. Cleaned out the garage, got some yardwork done (lots more to go), played at the park, grilled out with neighbors.
The kids got their new kites out finally. We had some luck with Lily's (thanks to Ashley) and I got Wyatt's up for a bit. (No pics, of course, since I was flying it!) I think we needed just a tad bit more wind. It was definitely a taste of summer! Hopefully it'll be the same for Spring Break next week!
Well, off to the treadmill. With summer comes shorts---YIKES!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Done in oil pastels.
This will be one of Lily's last Monart pieces. She is taking a break from it for a while to do more "summery" things. This week will be her last week.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Not a whole lot new around here. I worked a lot this week with conferences. I'll be so ready for Spring Break. We are going to Great Wolf Lodge with our neighbors Sunday night. Should be a lot of fun, can't wait. We are staying in a huge 8 person suite. It has a huge indoor water park that even has a wave pool! Then we will leave on Friday to go to Lexington for Easter. It'll be nice to have some time off work. I think the kids are ready for a break, too.
We don't have many plans this weekend, which is SO nice! Wyatt was supposed to start baseball practice, but as much as it has been raining here, I'm not sure if he will. We need to enjoy these low key weekends, because soon they are going to be crazy with soccer AND baseball!

Monday, March 19, 2007


These are all out of order. This is Wyatt dipping string in the wax to make a candle on pioneer activity day. It was a fun day for them and they did different pioneer activities all day. I managed to sneak in to a couple of them and snap some pics.

Wyatt square dancing on pioneer activity day.
Making candles.
So sweet. He brought this to my room(which is right scross the hall from his) and laid it on my desk. The note says "for you". It's the finished candle he made-he knows how much I love candles. What a sweet boy.

Lily on the day they got to bring a towel, dress tropical and eat lunch on the floor with their friends. They loved it. Wyatt would have died if I would have tried to get a pic of him. I can still get away with it with her.
I did "Art to Wear" at the last Brownie meeting. They painted t-shirts and each other's faces. They loved it. Lily sketching out her design.
Lily painting Anna's face. She already had Anna's handywork on her face. A pair of flip-flops. Great job, Anna!
The t-shirts turned out so cute. This week we are continuing this try-it and beading socks. Hmm-needles and thread-should be interesting!
More of Wyatt square dancing. I think he liked it more than he would ever admit!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Monday, March 12, 2007

We went to Lexington this past weekend. It was a great trip and we got to see everybody, which was nice. It was busy--lots of eating out and of course, a little shopping. The weather was so nice, sunny and 70ish. Such a nice change! Just to illustrate how much snow we had here, it is STILL not all melted with all of the warmish days we've had. Some of the plowed piles were so deep, I'm sure it'll be several more days before they're gone.
I'm SOOO happy spring is on the way!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007



One of the 4th grade teachers ringing the bell before school.
Rachel and Wyatt with their teacher.

Wyatt opening his presents my mom sent.
Pioneers marching in the hall. The teachers kept telling them to get their knees up.

This was too funny. Wyatt's teacher saw me watching outside her door, so she had Wyatt stand facing away from the board and recite what was on it. Something I guess they did in pioneer days. He couldn't remember the last line, so she had him sit in the dunce chair. See above picture. You can see how red his face is in this pic. Poor guy.
The teachers ringing bells when the kids were walking in. They were yelling "come to books".

Lily and Anna after their Libby Lu makeovers.
Performing out front . Lily was totally in her element and loving every minute of it.
Getting her makeover.

This shirt was part of the 5 goodies they got to pick out. She wore it for 2 days straight and then still didn't want to take it off. If only she would heed the sign. HA!

The boys at the movie.
Blowing out candles.
Opening gifts.
My mom sent him 100 one dollar bills. He loved it.
Some of the boys---and Lily.
Whew---busy weekend! Friday was pioneer school day at school. The teachers and 4th graders dress up as pioneers and spend the morning in "pioneer school" doing things the way they used to in pioneer days. Wyatt was unsure about it but ended up having fun.
Then Friday night, Lily went with her friend Anna to the mall and Libby Lu for her birthday while Wyatt went with Anna's brother to Chuck-e-Cheese. They both had a really great time. Anna, I know you're reading this, and Lily had so much fun! They got rock star makeovers and then performed a song and dance in front of the store.
Last night was Wyatt's party. He had 6 boys over for pizza and then went to see "Bridge to Terabithia". They had fun. The movie was really good---but really sad. A few of them admitted to "almost" crying.
Tonight, the neighbor girls are going out to dinner. Not sure where yet--anything but pizza!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Wyatt to the right in the blue shirt running out when his team was announced.
Short hair again-yay!

It's been a fairly busy week. Monday night Wyatt has his Upward awards night. They had all of the teams come out on stage and then had a really cool puppet show. Of course, Wyatt said it was babyish-Lily loved it. They all got a really nice Upward duffel bag. I can't say enough about this program-we will definitely do it again next year. His team ended up doing well-only losing one game and having one tie. He scored 2 baskets in the last game and was happy about that. The sweetest thing was---there was at least one kid on each team that had not scored all year. The other players literally stood back and let them shoot until one went in. It was really nice. They were SOO happy.
Wyatt got is hair cut short again with a little urging. He's happy with it, though. I think it looks much better!