Thursday, March 30, 2006


I took Lily to the doctor this morning. I just love our doctor-she is so nice. Her throat was a little red and the first thing they did was bring her a popscicle! They did a strep test and it was negative, so that's good. She is actually a LOT better today. I think the only thing it takes to get my kids well is to make a doctor appointment. I took her in and she seemed perfectly fine--if they only could have seen her yesterday. Of course, it was just as I suspected--a virus. She did have lots of earwax(gross, I know) and they had to stick a hook in and get it out. They couldn't get it in one, so they had to put drops in, wait a while and then flush it with water, which still didn't get it. So back in went the hook and out came a pea sized dried piece of ear wax. She said she can hear so much better! So she wasn't just ignoring me all those times!! It irritated her ear canal to do all that so she is on antibiotic drops just to make sure it doesn't get infected. She also gave me a home remedy to put in once a week to keep it from getting like that. She said some kids are just prone to getting build up. Wyatt has had to have it removed before, too. They said it can really affect their hearing. Anyway, she really wanted me to take her to lunch and she really wanted Chinese, so we went to Mark Pi's which is my new favorite! I think the food is as good as PF Changs and SO cheap!


Poor Lily. She is still not feeling well. I put her in bed last night and 5 minutes later she came down crying that it felt like something was stuck in her throat :-(
She said, in all seriousness, " I swallowed a mosquito a while back, maybe it could be that."
I hope it's not strep-I'm calling the doctor at 8:00.
I took this pic after she came down and fell asleep on the couch with me. You can just tell how sick she is. When I went to carry her back up, she was soaking wet with sweat because the fever had broken.
Anyway, I'm anxious for her to get better. There's nothing harder than seeing your babies sick!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


These are just some pics I took on Sunday when everyone was helping to clean. Wyatt was vacuuming under his bed with his hillbilly teeth in and Lily was trying to match socks, but got a little overwhelmed. I can't imagine why--look at all those socks!! And most of them white and just slightly different to keep it interesting-HA!
Lily is still not feeling well today. She has a bad headache and fever. I'm not sure whether to call the doctor or not. I called yesterday because flu is in their school now, and she said just to monitor it. I really hope its not the flu!! Well, I keep managing to find things to distract me from my housework again!! Better go get something done!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The crawl space opening will be a cabinet.
This is what Jeff got finished on Saturday in the basement. He basically got the walls framed. Not too exciting looking right now. He took a break from it on Sunday and got some other much needed things done around here. He cleaned out all the drains(yuck), replaced lightbulbs, etc. What an exciting day, huh!?!?
Lily came home from school sick today :-(
I was with her all morning in her class and had lunch with her--she complained of a headache, but seemed fine. Now she has a fever. Hopefully it won't turn into anything--flu is going around the school. She is getting all her meals on the couch and generally getting spolied(yes, even more than usual!) I can tell she really feels bad, though--poor baby!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Easter outfits.
Cute piggy. That's hay in her mouth--her favorite snack!
Anyone wanna put away some laundry for me???
Lily's bedroom door.

Well, this will be a very miscellaneous post. Last night we went out for Mexican(ate too much as usual) and then to Best Buy. Jeff had his birthday money to spend and wanted an Ipod. Wyatt had a birthday gift card to spend and got a game that was of course way more than his card amount. He asked me to spot him the extra and I of course sent him to Dad, who caved.
I guess it's the childrenswear designer in me that drives me to lay out their Easter clothes to see how they coordinate. Jeff actually picked them all out-I was pretty impressed. My mom had bought Lily 7 dresses to choose from(she loves to shop for the kids) and then Jeff came home with these. I feel like we should support the brand! She'll just have lots of church dresses this summer!
I folded SO much laundry yesterday--just LOOK at that pile! That's ridiculous. I actually got it all put away, too, except for Lily's--I need to clean her drawers out first!
Lily put this sign on her door yesterday-I thought it was pretty cute. A few minutes ago, I heard her tell Wyatt she was a "sidekick". He was trying to figure out what she was talking about when she said, "Yeah, just ask me anything about the future". How funny.
One last thing----Wyatt has been really interested in my blog, so I let him start his own. He is the funniest kid--I could totally see him becoming a comedian someday. His teachers always tell us how funny he is. He has a real offbeat sense of humor and seems to understand adult humor really well. Here is Wyatt's blog.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

What's in a name?

This is Lily's spelling test from last week. I've been noticing lately that she has been writing Lillian instead of Lily on all of her papers. When I asked her about it, she said she wants to be called Lillian from now on because that is her "real" name. I guess she is right about that. She even told her teacher and her class. I actually really like it, but I don't know if I could get used to calling her Lillian--it's usually what I call her when she's in trouble! I'm sitting here listening to hammering--Jeff is working away on the basement. I'll post progress pics after today because he will have all of the walls framed today. He is determined to get it all finished before warm weather hits! If that ever happens around here!! Well, back to my laundry folding--the fun never ends!!

Spring is knocking at the door---LITERALLY!!!

Lily, Rachel, and Wyatt making pizza.
Wyatt and Trevor at McDonald's.

Today I heard a loud sound at my back sliding glass door. It sounded like someone pounding on it--kinda scared me. I went and there was this robin(bottom pic) just standing there looking in at me. I think he had flown into the glass door-which has happened a couple of times before. He must have been kind of dazed because he was just standing there looking in at me for the longest time. Then he flew off and sat in a tree. Maybe he was thinking, what the heck--did I fly north too soon--it's freezing out here!?! (We did have snow 2 different times today!!)
Today was a great day. The kids only had a half day of school so we went to McDonald's with Tracee and her kiddos. (Tracee, I snapped this pic while you went to girls' room)We were there for 2 hours just talking while the kids played! It was actually relaxing. Then tonight, Charlene and Rachel came over for dinner because her hubby and son are also out of town. We had leftover vegetable soup, quesadillas with guacamole(and a bottle of wine) and the kids made homemade pizza. The kids watched a couple of movies while we talked. It was just a good girlfriend day! Jeff will be home in about 30 minutes or so. We have kids haircuts tomorrow and Wyatt has a birthday party. Otherwise, hopefully a pretty mellow weekend.

Friday, March 24, 2006

I haven't had much occasion to take pictures this week, but here are a couple from this summer-4th of July that I really like. Like Lily's leopard scarf belt? She accessorized herself. It doesn't clash at all. Ican't wait til the backyard looks like that again.
We had an eventful afternoon yesterday. As we were leaving to get the kids' haircuts, Lily locked the car door---with the keys, AND my purse inside. Oh, just get the spare set, you say? Well, that would be a great idea, but always in a hurry me grabbed the spare set the day before when I couldn't find my regular set quickly enough. Therefore, you guesed it, they were BOTH in the car(along with the valet key that we keep in the glove box). Lesson learned----make sure the spare is always in the house. Anyway, after calling locksmiths which would cost $60 and the Honda dealership which could make me a key if I could just get there and get it(I forgot to mention Jeff is out of town), I remembered that I had a policeman neighbor(thanks Tracee) and I went and knocked on his door. He called in reinforcements and they finally got it open-WHEW! Needless to say, the kids missed their haircuts. Oh well, at least I'm not without a car today.
On a more positive note, we found out we're getting enough of a tax return to pay for our washer and dryer and vacation--I love our tax guy!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Today was Spring picture day for the kids. I wanted to get a pic while they still looked good, because who knows what they will look like by the time pictures roll around.
This is exactly the reason that there aren't more pictures of Wyatt on my blog. He cannot take a pic without being goofy and making a funny face! I decided to go ahead and put this one on anyway. It was not easy finding something for them to wear for "spring" pictures when there are 3 inches of snow on the ground!
Jeff took the day off to work on the basement. I haven't been called to sub all week and it's been a nice break. Although, I probably won't be too happy when my paycheck comes! Oh, well. I'll take advantage of it while I can! I definitely have enough to do around here to keep me busy. I've been in a cabinet and closet organizing mood lately.
Speaking of that, I should go get something done now!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Lily did this in art class today. I really like her placement on the page and the colors she used. It's all done in chalk pastels which I think can be a little tricky with the blending, etc. We found out today that her art show is going to be June 4th. They get to pick 2 of their favorite pieces to have professionally matted and they are displayed during June at a nearby library and also at local businesses. June 4th is the opening reception where friends and family can come and see the art. I think it should be really cool!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Lily got her ballet recital costume today. She was SO excited about it. It's her first real tu-tu. Plus its very sparkly. It's very cute. Her ballet dance is the "doll dance" where they dance like wind up dolls. I guess all of the costumes are going to be gold, black and deep red. Sounds pretty. She hasn't gotten her tap costume yet, but those are all going to be a 50's diner theme. The one I saw from another class looked like a 50's diner waitress with a pink satin skirt and a scarf around the neck--it was really cute. I'm anxious to see what hers will look like.
I am SO stuffed. I just made a huge dinner for Jeff's birthday. Beef roast with gravy and horseradish dipping sauce, fresh green beans, mashed potatoes with cheese and bacon, rolls, and Baskin Robbins turtle pie for dessert!!! It was good, but I'm not used to eating that much!! I'll hafta do double time on the treadmill tomorrow!!!!

Lily's friend Emma came over yesterday and they decided to dress up. Gone are the days of the princess dresses I guess. Lily put on her vampire halloween costume and Emma has on Lily's tap recital costume. Don't ya love the poses?? What hams!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I went to Meijer today to get some storage bins and other various things we needed for the basement. I've been wanting to re-do the kids'/guest bathroom for a while, but haven't really looked for anything yet. I happened to walk through the shower curtain aisle and they had everything on sale! I found one I loved and it ties together all the colors in my house! They had all the accessories to match, too. The round things in the package are the shower curtain hooks and the stripes on the curtain go horizontally, which I thought was different. I'm not sure yet what color I'll paint the walls. Maybe a dark gold color. I'm sure it'll be a while anyway with the basement project going.

OK, try this......
sit in a chair, put your right leg straight out in front of you and move it in a clockwise circle. Now, try to draw the number 6 in the air with your right finger.
Can you do both at the same time???
It's hard!
Jeff showed me this--I was able to do it after a couple of tries, but with a lot of concentration!!
Neither Jeff nor the kids could do it--it drives you crazy!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

It sure feels good to be feeling well again! I still have all the stuff in my head and a headache everyday, but 100% better than I was feeling! I subbed in Kindergarten this morning--it went really fast. 8-11:30--then went running around the rest of the day. It's the most I've done in a day since I've been sick and it about wore me out!
The kids have movie night at school tonight, so Jeff and I are going out to dinner at Logan's. His birthday is Monday, so he got to pick. I like Logan's too, though.
I never made it on the treadmill today. That's OK, I'll do my 3 miles tomorrow to make up for it!! Pretty low key weekend--the closet is all finished in the basement, so we're gonna try to get it all organized and get the main room cleared out so Jeff can start on it.It's so nice to have a place for all of the toys!
Well, I need to go get the kids ready to go!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Lily's latest from art class.


Well, I booked our Myrtle Beach reservations today for July 8-15. We were gonna try a new place, but decided to go back to where we always stay. You just can't beat the value for what you get. We have gotten so used to having a separate bedroom with a TV for the kids, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen and a washer/dryer. The other place we were considering is just a hotel room and a lot more expensive. We found a unit that has been newly rennovated this year-so we booked that one. Below are some pics of the condo unit. Nothing fancy, but just what we need. Can't wait!

Wyatt's last basketball game was last night. It was a great game, too. They only lost by 1 point! It was one of those that was down to the wire. Both teams were really fighting for it!It'll be nice not to have those practices and games during the week.

I volunteered a little in Lily's class this morning. Trying to ease myself back in. I feel like I've been away from the school for so long-it almost felt strange being there today. My head still feels terrible.

Jeff is taking the afternoon off, so we are gonna go to lunch and run some errands. I REALLY need to get this house under control. I feel like there are piles of clothes everywhere! Laundry is done, but needs to be folded and put away. I think I'm gonna try to get back on the treadmill today, too. Maybe just walk for a while at a slow speed. I'm probably going to die--the most I had missed since the first of the year was 2 days and I only did that one other time. This week off will make it hard-I'll hafta work my way back up, I'm sure.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Finally, a diagnosis! I do have a sinus infection, just as Jeff has suspected all along. I had no idea they could make you feel THIS bad. The doctor said they can knock you out pretty bad. I got an antibiotic and he said I should start feeling better by Thursday. I already feel better just knowing what I have and that I have the right medicine for it!
Here's a pic of the basement closet. It was hard to get a good pic because it is so long and narrow. This is only half of it--the half with shelves. There will be a hanging bar on the bottom shelf for extra coats. We have 2 moveable shelf units for toys that will go in also. Jeff did a really good job on the drywall on the ceiling. It looks better than the drywall in our house! He's such a perfectionist! So probably this weekend, we'll load the closet up so he can get started on the real part of the room. It should be nice and empty once we put everything in the closet.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Well, the verdict is in. Whirlpool Duet WAY better than Maytag Neptune. At least in our experience! It runs SO smoothly and quietly. I'm so glad we were able to return the others and rethink it. I love the sanitary cycle, too. It has an internal water heater and heats the clothes to around 150 degrees I think it is. I love that for sheets. Our Maytag had that, too, but all of the bad had overshadowed any good, I guess. It's gonna look really good once we get the counter and cabinets built. I hafta be patient, though, because that won't happen til the basement is finished. Jeff has gotten a ton done on the basment today--he has all the walls on the closet done and the lights up in it. He's working on the shelves now. I'll get a pic when it's finished.
I'm so bummed that I'm not feeling better. The kids have played outside all day. All the neighbors were across the street having a basketball game at Joe and Ashley's. Looks like Wyatt was playing. It's so nice outside, but I just DON'T feel like doing anything. Been dozing on the couch all day. This doctor BETTER make me better tomorrow!

HELLO ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lily and Anna.
Great minds at work. It's my turn-can you see the wheels spinning? A game of Twister.

Anna, I hear you're a fan of my blog!! This post is for you! Don't you and Lily look cute in the picture?!?! I'm glad you like looking at my blog---at least I know there is someone out there that is interested!!! How cool that you can read it now, too, huh? Tell your Mom and Dad, I had the leftover fruit pizza for lunch--YUM!
We had a great time with the Harp's last night. The kids played Mario Dance Revolution--also making up many of their own games using the mats! The exciting adults played Scrabble--what have we come to? Hey,I love Scrabble!! We did pretty darn well, too! Way to go Dave---he beat the pants off all of us!!!
I slept until 1:00 today!! Oh, my! I am STILL not feeling well, and will probably go to see Jeff's doctor tomorrow. I'm fairly sure it's a sinus infection now!
They are hear right now installing our washer/dryer. Can't wait to try it out! I'll let ya know how it does!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Well, they are delivering them tomorrow afternoon.
Jeff went to Lowe's this morning and paid for them. We got a great deal. Since Sears is having a 10% off sale, they gave him 10% off the total! We got the pewter color because it was available for delivery and we thought it would show dirt less and look nice--kind of has that stainless steel look. Here is the washer and the dryer. I really hope this is it and they work beautifully! What an experience this has been!!!
Well, need to go get my house cleaned up and go shopping for tonight. We are having friends over for a taco bar. The kids are so excited! They have 4 kids-twins that are Lily's age, a boy Wyatt's age and a 4 year old girl. They just got that new Dance Dance Revolution game with the mats and are bringing that over. That should be fun.

Washer/Dryer drama----continued.......

Go ahead, ask me ANYTHING you wanna know about clothes washers and dryers---I probably know it! I definitely know more than I ever wanted to! I have never researched a product more in my life. I tell you, we didn't put this much effort into buying our car or our house!
I guess it's just that there are so many problems with washers and dryers now that we wanna make sure and buy what's best.
We had a repairman come to look at our refrigerator which was leaking yesterday)it turned out to be no big deal and an easy, inexpensive fix, luckily). But he was an older guy and has been doing this a long time. He repairs washers/dryers, too. We asked him his opinions---what he gets the most calls to fix, etc.
He said Maytag is the worst and needs the most repairs. He HATES front loaders and said they cannot keep up with the calls on them and he actually refuses to work on them. He recommended Whirlpool as the most reliable. We also had a Maytag repairman show up after ours were taken away and he said he wasn't surprised we had returned them, that they cannot even keep up with the service calls they are getting-WOW! If the Maytag guy is saying that, then what does that say? He also said he thinks the main problem is the pedestals and that just about all of the calls they get are for units on pedestals. They make them top heavy and vibrate a lot more.
When we went to Lowe's to look(we went to Lowe's, Best Buy, and Sears again with an open mind and looked at everything) the sales guys there said they had just had a lady return a Maytag Neptune set for walking allover her floor and the had several sets on the floor that were returns. One still had water in it--which I'm sure was the case with ours on the Home Depot floor! The salesguy at Sears also said whatever you do, don't buy the Maytag Neptune---we've had too many complaints and returns.
After much talking and reading on the web, we decided to go with the Whirlpool Duet frontloader. We feel comfortable with that because Lowe's offers an extended warranty for $139 for 4 extra years(on top of the 1 year that comes with it) for BOTH the washer and the dryer. We thought that was awesome and at least we know we're good for 5 years! We are not going to get the pedestals(I mean we bent over for 15 years to get clothes out of the dryer, what's the diff?) Since they are lower, we are going to build a countertop over them for folding so they look built in. We're also going to put cabinetry over them to hide everything since once our basement is done, the laundry room will basically be a hallway to get to it.
Also, Jeff listened to our neighbors' Duet got through complete cycle yesterday and said it was much quieter and smoother than the Maytag.(They also don't have the pedestals) It has much better reviews, too.
Man, this has been an experience. I definitely know now to research things more before we make such a large purchasing decision.
I'll just be glad to get something and not have to think about this anymore!!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Well, our washer and dryer are gone! We have nothing right now--scary! At least the laundry is caught up. That'll last about a day! We are getting ready to go now and get something else. Not really sure what yet. Jeff's at the neighbor's now checking out their Whirlpool Duet. I'm anxious to hear his report.
I'm still not feeling much better. I put a call in to the doctor 3 hours ago and just now got a call back. She said, "Yeah, that does sound like the flu". Why couldn't they have told me that 4 days ago!?! I am feeling somewhat better today.
The only good part about being sick is that I've lost 2 lbs this week for a total of 17 lbs now!! Yay!!! I never even thought I could lose that much! I still have 11 to go--which I'm sure will be the hardest! I am greatly missing the treadmill. I can't wait to feel well enough to get back on it--I think I'm officially addicted! I actually look forward to it--is that weird?!?!
I tried on some of my swimsuits this morning and I did feel I looked better in some areas, but definitely much room for improvement!!! I'm sure I will always feel that way, though!
Not too much going on this weekend. We're having our friends the Harp's over for dinner tomorrow night. That's about the extent of our plans. I'm sure Jeff will work on the basement and hopefully I'll feel well enough to get some housework done!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Well we got so fed up with this washer that they are coming to pick it up on Friday! On one load today it was making the floor in my family room shake!! That is just NOT acceptable for $1200!!!
So we have to make a decision on something fast!!
Our neighbors recently got the Whirlpool Duet and said it doesn't vibrate. Jeff's gonna go over Friday and check it out. It's rated number 1 in Consumer Reports for front loaders.
The more I read, the more confused I get!!
There seem to be so many problems with front loaders: vibration, mold, clothes not getting as clean, lots of repairs---I don't know!!!!!
I just wanna get something that works and forget about it!!!

I was supposed to sub today, but stayed home sick I'm pretty sure I have the flu, but the doctor yesterday said he thought it was just a virus. I was SO out of it when I was there, though that I didn't even tell him all of the symptoms I was having. Anyway, I do fell a TAD better today. I still have had a fever all day, though, even while on 3 ibuprofin. It had gotten up to 103 yesterday, but has stayed around 100 today.
They delivered our washer and dryer Monday night. Let me tell you, this has been one of the worst buying experiences we have EVER had!! Their customer service is the PITS!! I was basically knocked out on the couch when they delivered it(it was supposed to be between 3 and 7, I think) . They ended up getting here about 8:30 maybe and were here til I think 10. I'm not sure, I was out of it sick. Anyway, Jeff threw a load in after they left since it had been a week since we had done laundry! The machine was going nuts--bouncing all over the place. Jeff had to hold it to keep it from hitting the walls and the dryer! So we called Maytag out and they came yesterday. The guy did some things to it(apparently there are a lot of problems with vibration with this machine and front loaders in general). It is still vibrating way more than we would like. We have been on the phone several times with Maytag and they even admit that there are problems with the Neptune models, but they basically said tough luck.
At least the guys at Home Depot have been great! We're going to return them and get something else. They even offered to credit us 10% back for all the trouble. Not sure what we'll get yet, but it'll probably be an old fashioned top loader like we had that lasted us 15 years. There's something to be said for simplicity.
I'm going to look at consumer reports and see which ones are rated the best. I totally should have done that before, because there have been a lot of complaints on the ones we got. There have been a lot of complaints on most all front loaders. I really think the technology is still new and not perfected yet.
Maybe my expectations were just too high. But I think for the money we spent, they should be high. They just don't make appliances like they used to!! OR have customer service like they used to!
Well, the kids'll be home any minute and I should get my last bit of rest before they get here. Jeff is out of town tonight so I'll actually have to do something. He's been doing it all since I've been sick.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Well, the kids got all rested up yesterday from the sleepover. They both went to sleep right after lunch and slept 3 hours. Lily had her Girl Scout cookie booth at 3 and she was still asleep. I wasn't about to wake her up so I went up without her and Jeff brought her up when she woke up--it was about 3:30 when she got there. They had a great time selling cookies and sold 48 boxes--not too bad. The pictures aren't very good because they were in front of a big window. As you can tell the sun was out yesterday. It's snowing hard right now!! The ground is getting covered! SPRING--where are you!?!?! I am just NOT a winter person anymore. Well, I'm sure spring is just around the corner!!
Jeff is working in the basement today--he got the ceiling all finished in the closet and is putting the walls up now--they should hopefully be finished today! It's starting to look like something now! It would have been so nice to have for Wyatt's party! Maybe it'll be finished in time for Lily's in May!

Saturday, March 04, 2006


This is Lily's latest artwork from her art class. A dragon with watercolor background. I really like the colors she chose.
Well, all is quiet in the house now--AAAHHH!!! Sounds great!
We just downloaded some songs onto Wyatt's MP3 from Napster. It was really easy. He has great taste in music and picked a lot of songs that Jeff and I also like. We may just be borrowing it from him!!


Wyatt with his King Kong cake.
Ready for bed. FINALLY!! Opening gifts.
At the bowling alley.

More of the party. An hour til the parents come to pick them up. They went to sleep about 1 am and were of course up at 7!!! I'm sure there will be a LOT of very tired little boys today! SORRY parents!!
We have a busy day, too. Lily and I are working at a Girl Scout cookie booth at Marsh from 3-5. Then we are going out to dinner with 2 of our neighbors. I'm hoping to get a nap in at some point!! ALL of us need one!!


Wyatt with his little cake Jeff got him on his actual birthday.
With his MP3 player.
Putting together his toys. There's a pillow fight going on the other side of the room!
The whole gang eating pizza.
Outside playing football.

WHEW!!!----Almost through the party!!! I would say it went well in general. I couldn't fit all of the pics on one entry so I will do another one also. Wyatt had a couple of meltdowns---he is just not a kid that likes a lot of commotion. I think it was all a little too much for him--although he did really have fun--I think it just all got to him a couple of times. Next year the party will be smaller and shorter. It's been really interesting having all of these boys here!! I am just not used to the whole wrestling/physical thing. Wyatt has just never been like that. He would much rather be in the other room with 1 or 2 friends building something. As a matter of fact, that's where he was a lot of the time--all of his toys were put together last night. He is such a "builder". A few of his friends are also.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Wow-what a busy week. I subbed 4 days and the last 3 were in the LD(learning disabled) room. I really liked it--I either go to the kids classrooms and keep them on track or sometimes they come in our room and I help them with their work. There are some really great kids and I love working with them on a more individual basis. I'm going to be in there some next week, too. I have to say, I am really enjoying working again. It does make things a little more hectic, but it really feels good to go to a job again. Plus my paycheck I got on Friday was $318--love it!!
Tonight is Wyatt's party and I hope I'm up for it!!!
11 kids going cosmic bowling from 10-midnight and then spending the night!! Plus they're getting here at 6:30--I hope we can fill the time from 6:30 til 10!! We're ordering pizza and we have cake--he picked King Kong as his theme and they even had a King Kong cake!! He had a good "actual" birthday yesterday. He got to pick the dinner----chicken nuggets, curly fries, biscuits and mac and cheese. Wow-good for the diet(couldn't believe when I weighed this morning I had lost another lb for a total of 15!! YAY!) Jeff also surprised him with a Baskin-Robbins cake. He opened his MP3 player from us and a card for 60 songs from my mom. He also got some new shoes. He was really excited about the MP3 player. He's dying to download songs, but I told him we would have to wait til Saturday.
Well, wish me luck for tonight and I'll have lots of pics to post tomorrow!!