Sunday, June 29, 2008


Lily's dance recital was last Saturday. It was very cute and she did a great job. She loves dance so much. The ballet portion was Robin Hood. Her class did a dance around a maypole. It was a lot harder and more intricate than she's ever done. The tap portion was broadway and all done in black and gold. Her song was "Hey Big Spender" and included lots of shimmying. SO cute! They had a feather boa and a top hat, too. She really loves tap as much as ballet and wants to continue both next year.
She finally got together with her good friend Leia today who is currently living in China and home for the summer. They spent a solid 2 hours making up dance routines and performing them for me. I was very surprised with what they came up with. Actually pretty good coreography. Oh, and complete with a different costume for each dance---and make-up! They were really into it. Like I said----she loves to dance!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

This is an old pic that was just sent to me. Lily and I at the Hannah Montana movie in our 3-D glasses.

Busy weekend. Family visiting. Recital. Baseball. Pics soon!

Friday, June 13, 2008


There were the cutest little bright green turtles in the water.

'With Neema and Papaw.
They happened to dress alike on this day.

We went to Lexington for Memorial Day weekend. We also went to the lake. The kids had a blast even though the water was a bit chilly still. They didn't care. They had a blast swimming and tubing.


Wyatt goofing around at tennis camp. I think that's more of a baseball swing?!?!
Lily and Emma coling down after tennis camp.

Wyatt had a big project at school called Night of Notables. They had to research a famous person, do a report, speech and board on them, then dress as them and stand there one night while students and parents came around and asked them questions. They had to answer as their person. Wyatt did Dr. Suess.

Lily had a great soccer season. Her team was really good and only lost 2 games. She really improved over the season and even scored a couple of goals.

Lily getting her "Pop Star" award at school. It was for being "most popular" in her class.

Wyatt is on the Cubs this year. They are currently tied for 1st place, only having lost one game. He has the best coach he has ever had, happened to get on a team with his good friend, and is having lots of fun.

Lily's class raised $700 to buy books for a children's hospital. They got to go and pick them out together. They got lots of great books and were really proud of themselves.
Wyatt at his team picnic with his teacher Mrs. Kail. He had a great year with her. He got 3 awards. Honor Roll, the "Health Nut" award (my son?) and perfect attendance.
Lily's teacher had a cookout for the whole class after school was out. Here's Lily with her good friends Cristina and Alissa.

Lily participated in the Kiwanis Fun Run. She ran 2 miles in 21 minutes. Not too bad!

Replenishing after the run.
Lily and I did the Relay for Life. These are the luminaries that were lit for survivors as well as those that have lost their battle with cancer. It was very moving.
Making S'mores at the campsite.
It's been a busy few weeks!!! I just have not had time to post! Here are some misc pics to catch you up!


They sang to her at Red Robin.
The gang outside of Red Robin.
Her new rollerblades.
Dairy Queen cake----yum!

All the girls in the limo.

Getting nails done.
End result. They were so cute.
Lily had the best birthday ever. We surprised her and her friends with a limo. It took them to get manicures and to lunch at Red Robin. I can't believe she's 9 and will be in 4th grade next year!