Monday, May 28, 2007


Flowers from my garden.


I was just playing with these pictures of Lily. I love black and whites.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


You can see all of the classes here in their different colored t-shirts.

The classes have a "parade of colors" where each class wears a different colored shirt and they march around chanting their class chant. The rest of the school comes out to watch. There's Wyatt in the back.
Getting ready to start the events. The Eagle is their class mascot. They called them selves the Fritz Fighters.
Watching a race.
Wyatt with some of his classmates.
Wyatt had his field day Friday. I managed to sneak out at lunch and snap a few pics. I didn't see any of his events, though. He did a basketball shoot and said he was the only one in his class to make the shot. He was very proud of himself.
It's been a nice long weekend so far. We went out to dinner and a movie with another couple Friday night. We had a great time. The kids all stayed at their house with a babysitter. It was a great arrangement and I'm sure we'll do it again.
Yesterday we had a cookout with friends. Today was a nice relaxing day to get caught up on house stuff and grocery shopping. Tomorrow we are going to another get together with friends. Only 6 more days of school/work!! Yay!
Can't WAIT til summer break!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


This is all Wyatt wanted to do while my brother was here.
Steve with Wyatt and Lily. They adore him.
Just a pic of one of my perennial beds. Things are just starting to bloom.
I love columbine.

Mini golfing.
Lily at bat.
Wyatt's turn.
Lily with the ball at one of her games. Remember the nest I posted about a while back? I think this is one of the baby robins from that nest. He has been out a couple of days.

Lily in her pirate tap costume. She finally got it and it's really cute.
I've been into making homemade pizzas lately. The kids love them. Homemade crust is so easy, I probably won't do it any other way from now on.
I learned this recipe years ago and have made it sporadically since, but haven't in a while til lately. This is one I made last week for the kids and I when Jeff was out of town.
It was hat day at school Friday.
Steve and Wyatt throwing ball.
Lily played her friend Mackenzie Friday. Lily's team lost but played a good game.
Well, it was a fun but busy weekend. My brother, Steve, came to visit. I think we might have run him more than he's used to.
Friday night Lily had a soccer game. They played the best team in the league and lost but they played well. We went to eat at Bub's, a great burger joint, after that and didn't get home til about 10.
Saturday we went to play the free games of mini golf that Wyatt had won at Hinkle Hey Day. We also did the batting cages that were there. The kids, and Steve, had a great time. Steve tried the one out that pitched 85 MPH. Man, it was fast. He hit them, though!
We went to lunch and then to Lily's soccer game. Her team won by a goal. It was a good game and she did well. We grilled out some great steaks for dinner, then Wyatt had his baseball game at 8:30. He did well and hit the ball both of his times up to bat. His team also won. It was the best game they have played all season--I think Steve was our good luck charm. He may have to drive up for all of their games! We didn't get home til 11 that night! Poor Steve. He loved every minute of it, though, being the sports fan that he is.
Sunday we went to church and lunch and came home to hang out and play around in the yard. The kids really hated to see him go. I did, too. We'll have to get him up here more often. Here that, Steve?

Monday, May 14, 2007


With my babies at PF Chang's on Mother's Day.

Wyatt on second base after his hit.
This is after he slid into home-I was too excited watching to get a pic of him sliding.

I posted pics of this nest a while back with 4 eggs in it. They have hatched and there are now 4 adorable baby birds that we watch every day.
Jeff lifting Lily up to see the birds.

Newly hatched. They are already so much bigger.

Some of the pots I planted.

My hanging basket. A mother's day gift from the kids-a new bird feeder.
Another gift-a nice wind chime.
Lily "laying out".

Wyatt working his game at Hinkle Hey Day.
Me painting Lily's face.
Lily, Emma, and Savannah hanging out at Hey Day.
Can you believe this is $170 worth of flowers?!?!

Lily helping me plant flowers. She loves to garden.

We had a great weekend. The kids school carnival, Hinkle Hey Day was Friday night and they had a great time. It's the first time it has been outside in 5 years, due to weather, so that was nice. Got lots of flowers planted on Saturday. The weather was PERFECT! Wyatt had a baseball game Saturday night and got a great hit--all the way to the fence. He was so happy. He ended up scoring a run-which made it even better.
Sunday we went to PF Changs for my Mother's Day lunch after church. It was awesome as usual. The kids didn't argue once all day. Jeff told Wyatt to ask me to go for a walk in the evening and cleaned the whole downstairs while we were gone---dusted the blinds, washed curtains, vacuumed the plant ledge, and all. He's such a great hubby! He spoiled me all day-you better believe I milked it, too! ;-)
Back to the real world and a busy week. Looking forward to my brother coming to visit this weekend!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Lily struttin her stuff in their pajama fashion show.
All the girls.
Ready for night night---well, theoretically.
Lily's favorite present from her Nema---a pink Nintendo DS that she has been wanting forever!
She was excited to open her pink MP3 player from her dad and I.

Koala Webkinz(named Alice, by the way).
They had so much fun doing the limbo.
With her cake.
Lily organized a talent show. She did a dance. She was into it!
This was so cute, they had a play with their stuffed animals.
Before the party.
Playing outside.
The cake. It turned out so cute. The flip-flops are magnets.
All 13 of them! I'm so glad the weather was nice and they were outside a lot! I'm also so glad our basement is finished!
Lily's Luau sleepover party turned out great! I can't believe she is 8 now! My babies are growing up too fast! There were 13 girls! Actually, it went very well with only a few minor girl dramas, most of which were brought on by my bossy little girl. I think everyone had a good time, though.
Wyatt has his Intermediate School orientation tonight and they also came to school today and did a presentation. Wyatt's class will be the first class in the new school, so they couldn't do the tour that they usually do for 4th graders because the school isn't completely finished yet. They are going to have tours in the summer instead. They did a virtual tour instead. It is SOO nice. I got to sit in on the presentation today because it happened that I was filling in for a 4th grade teacher for that 45 minutes. When they were showing the slides of the new school, along with Jack Johnson music I might add, I started crying. How embarrassing! I don't think anyone noticed. I just can't believe how fast they are growing up and I think it's hit me hard lately with the realization that Wyatt is starting to go through puberty! That is REALLY affecting me! At least I know now, after discussions with others that have slightly older kids than him, that these mood swings and unpredictable emotions he's been having are normal! I think it's going to be an interesting few years coming up!