Monday, October 30, 2006

We went to Lexington this past weekend and I didn't take a single picture. We just hung out, visited, ate out a lot and shopped a little. Wyatt got a haircut. The guy there we have known forever and cut Jeff's hair for many years does such a great job on Wyatt's longer style.
They opened a new store in Lexington that I had never heard of. I guess this is the furthest East that they have them. It's called Gordman's. (Click on the name to see website) It was kind of a cross between TJ Maxx, Goody's and Kohl's.
Oh, the tooth fairy also visited Lily while we were there. She has had a really loose tooth for a while and it's been bugging her. She said you could see her other tooth coming in and you could, so Jeff pulled it. I'm so glad the tooth fairy remembered. She is sometimes not the best at
that ;-)

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Wyatt in his class.
Lily with friends Anna and Alecksa in art class--I subbed in there Tuesday and Wednesday and got to have Wyatt and Lily in class.

As part of a game Wyatt had to wrap his friend Andrew with toilet paper.
As part of the same game, he had to tell his teacher his favorite part of 4th grade-it was math. It was a relay race so he is running back from telling her.
Lily playing bingo at her class party.
With the pumpkin she carved.
She was really enjoying sticking her hand in and getting the guts out-yuck!

Wyatt and Michael--today was favorite team jersey day at school as part of drug free week.
Sam, Bryce and Lily.
Kids at Ashley's after carving pumpkins.
Wyatt designing his pumpkin.
Sitting around the heater in Ashley's garage.
Yesterday were the kids Halloween parties at school. I subbed in art again and then was finished at 2:30, so got to go to their parties-it worked out well. I was officially in Wyatt's but ran down to Lily's for just a minute. They both seemed to go well.
Today and Friday is our Fall break so last night our neighbors, the Santos', had a pumpkin carving party. We had chili and helped the kids carve pumpkins. It was a good time.
We decided to get stuff done around here today and leave for Kentucky this evening. That's what happens when I work a couple of days in a row-the laundry gets so backed up! The principal mentioned to me yesterday that there was an Instructional Aide position coming available in the next couple of weeks and asked if I was interested. I guess I'll find out the details on Monday. As hard as it is to work full time, the money would really be nice, especially at Christmas. We'll see.
Well, better go kick it into gear if we're gonna get out of here tonight!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Lily just started her drawing classes back since her broken arm and this was her first project. It's marker with a water color background. Speaking of art, I subbed in art today and it was so much fun. I used to think I wanted to be an art teacher for kids. I still think it would be great!
Lily made this ghost and put it on a stick like a puppet. She just did it on her own yesterday. I asked her where she got the fluffy stuff. From the couch cushion!!!!(It unzips) I wondered why my cushions were starting to look lumpy. She says this is the first time shes done it--I guess I believe her. A few years ago I would have been so mad about that--ya know-things just don't bother me like they used to. I laughed and just said--let's don't do that anymore, OK? Gotta love kids' ingenuity.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Taking her bow.
Crown Maiden's class. Lily is sitting here and others are standing--she's not that much shorter!

At the bar.

They held this for a while-learning balance!
Getting some air.

Lily had parent night at dance tonight. We got to go onto the dance floor and take pictures while they showed us what they are learning. I wish I was better at remembering the names of all the moves she is doing--she knows all of the French names, but I don't. Her teacher is so good about teaching them the French names for everything as they learn it. Since Lily is in the same class as last year, she has really gotten her form down.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


OK, no, her bike does not have a saddle seat--but I couldn't resist. Yesterday was Lily's first time back on her bike since she fell off of it and broke her arm in August. She has really missed riding it. She didn't hesitate at all and rode all the way to a friend's house across the neighborhood. I'm sure I was more nervous than she was! She is hoping to get a new one from Santa this year. I have a feeling she just might!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lily and Macy.
They were watching a magic show one of the kids was putting on.
Ok, my cheeks aren't quite THAT fat--Michelle was squeezing me.
Watching a movie in Rachel's room.
Macy, Max, Madison and Lily.

My friend Michelle was in town from Oklahoma last night. She moved away a couple of years ago and came to visit. Lily was really close with her girls, Macy and Madison and was really happy to see them. Charlene had a little get together so we could visit with them. It was nice to see them. The kids took up like they had never been apart. The adults did too and we had a good time.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Lily, Emma, Savannah, Wyatt and Trevor in front of the haunted house.
The big witch.

Scaredy cats.

What a great day we had today! The kids had a half day of school because of conferences(which we had the other night and they are both doing wonderfully!) We went to lunch with my friend Jenny and her kiddos and then to see a snake guy at Cool Creek Nature Center. He had some HUGE snakes and the kids got to touch them.
Then this afternoon we went on our annual outing to the Children's Museum haunted house with Tracee and her kids. We decided to try the frightening one for the first time this year. They had gotten kind of bored with the friendly one. Well, they were frightened, that's for sure. They clung to us like no tomorrow!!!! And they all said they did not want to go back next year. I think they may change their minds by then. It WAS pretty scary. Just right for me-creatures jumping out at you and blowing these wind blasts at you! Yes, I did my share of screaming! The girls have on their Brownie vests because it was scout night and they got a haunted house patch.
We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner afterwards-YUM! It was a great time-as always with them! As you can see from the pic--both kids had to sleep in my bed tonight-luckily Jeff is out of town. Hopefully there will be no nightmares!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

BROWNIES-Learning about nursing

Ashley taking Lily's blood pressure.
Helping Lily with a nursing word search.
Showing Lily how to wrap a bandage around a splint. Lily is wrapping Anna's arm.
They loved using the stethoscope. They got to hear each other's heart, lungs and belly sounds.

My friend Ashley came to Lily's Brownie meeting yesterday to help them earn their nursing try-it. The girls were very interested in all she taught them. A good thing, because Ashley had a statistic that in the year 2020, around when they will be graduating college, there will be 800,000 nursing jobs open. Wow!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Reading to each other in bed.
Cutie pies.
They each made their own pizza. Leia did hers in the shape of an "L".Tattooed faces.

This is how they play dress up now--with REAL clothes. They fixed each other all up with make-up and everything. Signs of things to come!!!

Lily and her friend Leia have been trying to plan a sleepover for a long time now. It finally worked out Saturday night. Wyatt rode the bus home with his friend Andrew for his birthday. They went to Max & Erma's for dinner and then to a movie--he had a blast! So Leia came home with Lily. They had a big time. I got a lot of pics because Leia is moving to China in a few months and will be there for 18 months for her dad's job. Lily doesn't know yet, but I will have to tell her soon. She will be SO sad. They really get along well. At least she will be back!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Wyatt milking the fake cow.

Lily tasting molasses, honey and maple syrup.

She didn't like the molasses.

This is her troop. One is missing.

An old school house. This lady was "teaching" them. She told them about the switches she had in a basket! Yikes! They are very serious at this place! I think the girls would have sat there all day-they loved the schools.

In the farm house.

Learning about furs.

More farm house. This lady told them to act like "proper young ladies".

Another school house. They loved the slates at each desk. There was a male teacher in this one.

Playing an old game with a hoop and stick.

More tasting.

Washing clothes on a wash board-Lily loved this. I'm sure it wouldn't be so much fun if it was something she HAD to do.
Wyatt playing the hoop and stick game.

More school. Lily looks scared to death in this pic. Those teachers commanded respect!
Making candles. Here they are dipping them in wax. Then they hang them to dry.
Another home.
A home-this lady asked them if they knew how to cipher. They all looked at her like she was crazy!!
Lily got to help weave on the loom.

The potter. He made an actual piece of pottery while we watched.

The storekeeper showed them how they used to cut coins in half for 50 cents and in quarters for 25 cents. The eighths were actually worth 12 1/2 cents.
Wyatt got a turn to play the old piano in one of the houses. He graced us with chopsticks.

More school.
Lily in the inn on one of the old beds.
Lily's Brownie troop went on a field trip to Conner Prairie yesterday since it was a half day of school. We have lived here for 4 1/2 years and had never been and it's 15 minutes from our house. It was really great-I loved it and we will be going back again for sure. It showed how life was in pioneer days. They actually cook their meals there and everything. The people are in full character and don't break out for anything. We all learned a lot and had a really great time!! Wyatt went along and so did 3 other older siblings so that worked out really well.
Well, got called today to sub in music tomorrow and Friday. I subbed in there earlier this year and must've done something right because the teacher requested me! I'd better go get something done around here!! Busy couple of days coming up--so what else is new!?!?!