Sunday, March 12, 2006

Well, the verdict is in. Whirlpool Duet WAY better than Maytag Neptune. At least in our experience! It runs SO smoothly and quietly. I'm so glad we were able to return the others and rethink it. I love the sanitary cycle, too. It has an internal water heater and heats the clothes to around 150 degrees I think it is. I love that for sheets. Our Maytag had that, too, but all of the bad had overshadowed any good, I guess. It's gonna look really good once we get the counter and cabinets built. I hafta be patient, though, because that won't happen til the basement is finished. Jeff has gotten a ton done on the basment today--he has all the walls on the closet done and the lights up in it. He's working on the shelves now. I'll get a pic when it's finished.
I'm so bummed that I'm not feeling better. The kids have played outside all day. All the neighbors were across the street having a basketball game at Joe and Ashley's. Looks like Wyatt was playing. It's so nice outside, but I just DON'T feel like doing anything. Been dozing on the couch all day. This doctor BETTER make me better tomorrow!