Sunday, March 26, 2006

Easter outfits.
Cute piggy. That's hay in her mouth--her favorite snack!
Anyone wanna put away some laundry for me???
Lily's bedroom door.

Well, this will be a very miscellaneous post. Last night we went out for Mexican(ate too much as usual) and then to Best Buy. Jeff had his birthday money to spend and wanted an Ipod. Wyatt had a birthday gift card to spend and got a game that was of course way more than his card amount. He asked me to spot him the extra and I of course sent him to Dad, who caved.
I guess it's the childrenswear designer in me that drives me to lay out their Easter clothes to see how they coordinate. Jeff actually picked them all out-I was pretty impressed. My mom had bought Lily 7 dresses to choose from(she loves to shop for the kids) and then Jeff came home with these. I feel like we should support the brand! She'll just have lots of church dresses this summer!
I folded SO much laundry yesterday--just LOOK at that pile! That's ridiculous. I actually got it all put away, too, except for Lily's--I need to clean her drawers out first!
Lily put this sign on her door yesterday-I thought it was pretty cute. A few minutes ago, I heard her tell Wyatt she was a "sidekick". He was trying to figure out what she was talking about when she said, "Yeah, just ask me anything about the future". How funny.
One last thing----Wyatt has been really interested in my blog, so I let him start his own. He is the funniest kid--I could totally see him becoming a comedian someday. His teachers always tell us how funny he is. He has a real offbeat sense of humor and seems to understand adult humor really well. Here is Wyatt's blog.