Friday, June 30, 2006


Here's the whole group that went.
Wyatt and a friend he made hiking to where we put our canoes in. It was about a 2 mile hike along the river.
Some kids he knew and some he met.
Wyatt and Rachel and their friend C.J. He's actually the son of a Hinkle Creek 4th grade teacher. They both really liked him. I think Rachel had a little crush ;-)
Wyatt at Potter's Bridge. This is a really cool old covered bridge in Noblesville. This is where our hike ended. They had a snack at the park there and then we put our canoes in.

We had a very outdoorsy day today. Wyatt's Forest Park day camp did a canoe trip today and I went along. They only did it for the camp that was this particular week because it is called "Follow the River". We just got lucky that this was the week we signed up. It was a lot of fun--and a lot of work! I can already tell I'm gonna be sore! Wyatt did a great job paddling! We had perfect weather, too.


Here comes the bus! Can't wait to see my baby!
Does she look tired or what? She would NEVER admit to it!
The girls with all their stuff.
What a nice brother! He insisted on carrying all of her stuff. I tried to help him but he wouldn't let me! He would never admit it, but he missed her, too!
Getting off the bus! Look at that smile!

Lily got home from Girl Scout camp today. She went every day this week and last night spent the night. She was gone from 8 am yesterday til 4 today-it felt like it was a week! I missed her so much! She really had a lot of fun and already said she wants to go back next year!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

OK, this is weird. It's 7:28 and I am alone in my house. Lily spent the night at Girl Scout camp tonight, Jeff is out of town and Wyatt is sleeping over at his friend Thomas'. That's Wyatt with Michael and Thomas heading out. Can you tell--he did not want me to take his pic. I just feel like I get so many more of Lily. But, it's because she LOVES to have her picture taken and he hates it!

Well, the big canoe trip is tomorrow. Should be fun. I'm sure I'll be sore. I'm hoping to get pics but not sure if I should risk taking my camera. Wyatt has enjoyed camp this week and Lily has really loved it, too. She has made strawberry jam, candles and a cookbook. I have a pic of her with it all , but I think it's on my other memory card, so I'll post later.

Guess I should go, my Chinese food should be here any minute---and it's all for me-YUM :-P

Monday, June 26, 2006


Ok this picture has nothing to do with camp, but I thought it was funny. Jeff was doing something out in garage the other day. So next time I go out there for something, I see this. He's gearing up for July 4. Well, actually Julyt 1 for us, because that is when we're having our annual get together with the neighbors. We have tons of fireworks, and I mean the BIG kind. I didn't even ask how much he spent on them-I'd rather not know. I guess this set up must be for some kind of grand finale. These are all attached to a big board. Jeff and the neighbor have been planning this for a month. Who knows what they have up their sleeves! What big kids!!!

Now on to camp..........

Lily with her friends Casey, Leia and Lauren.
Lauren, Lily, Alissa and Cassie.
Ready to go.
Getting on the bus. Is she really old enough to do this????
My little camper.

Lily went to her first day of Girl Scout camp today. She was so excited. I, however, not so much. It just felt really odd to send her on a bus for an hour to get there and then not really know what she was doing all day until 4:30. She ended up having a great time. They made strawberry jam. I made biscuits for dinner so we could sample it and it was delicious!
She was absolutely filthy from head to toe when she got home---and that's the way it should be!
Wyatt and Rachel also had camp at Forest Park. They are learning all about the river. They took a long hike, played games and made crafts. They really loved it. Friday they are supposed to go canoeing. I'm trying to decide if I'm going with them or not. It's been years since I've canoed and it might be nice.

Well, better go get Lily in bed. It's gonna be another early morning!!!!

I was playing around with these pictures of Lily and thought they all looked cute together and in black and white. I think I'll hafta get a collage frame for them. She is such a ham.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Lily and Wyatt with their Neemah and Papaw.
Wyatt gave her flowers afterwards.
With her friends from her class--twins, Meghan and Sarah.
We must have seen half the recital girls at Ritter's (ice-cream place) afterwards. Here's Lily with Rachel and Meredith.
The kids had their VBS performance this morning. They had 300 kids attend, so we could not even see Lily on stage in the back. Here she is with her friends Savannah and Emma afterwards. Wyatt was over to the side and my pics didn't turn out. He played the drums with the older kids and it was really good. He said he enjoys the drums.
Lily with her dance teacher Ms. Michele.

Well, the recital was fantastic. My favorite part was the tap. It was so lively and had great 50's songs. Lily was so into it and I could tell she was just having a great time up there.
Well, another busy week ahead. Lily has Girl Scout Camp and Wyatt has Forest Park Blast camp. They are looking forward to it.

Wyatt said, "Here, take a picture of me." and this is what he did----goofball! My beautiful ballerina.
This was the tap Grand Finale where they were all doing the hand jive. It was SO cute!
After the recital with her friend Leia.
Posing before recital.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Lily's ballet routine is the Doll Dance where they all dance like wind up dolls Lily is on the far right.
Walking backstage to start rehearsal.
This guy lifts them all out of this giant toy box. This is Lily being lifted out-It's so cute!
Last night was dress rehearsal for Lily's dance recital.
The theme for the ballet portion is "When You Believe". All of the costumes are cream, gold and wine. Lily's class' dance is called "Wind Up Dolls".
I tried to get some pictures, but it was so dark in there they didn't turn out that great. I was working out at a table taking people's payments and dispersing tickets so I didn't see the whole thing--I could've watched more than I did, but decided I wanted it to be a suprise at the actual recital this year. From what I saw-it looks like it's gonna be very cute. Ms. Michele always does such a great job. I don't know how she organizes it all. She has so many students now that she has to divide them up by age and do 3 separate recitals. She has it running like clockwork--luckily.

Lily is in the right in the front.

Their tap theme is called "Soda Pop Bop" and Lily's class' song is "Do You Love Me?". It's all a 50's diner theme. Elvis even makes an appearance! They really do a great job on this routine. I was impressed with how together they were! The finale song where all of the classes are together is the "Hand Jive." All of the costumes for tap are pink, black and white. I didn't watch last night and I can't wait to see it tomorrow night!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


The coach gave them all hugs.

Wow, what a night! I will start by saying I am SO proud of my son! Here's how it went......

Lily had dance recital rehearsal tonight from 5-8 and I stayed to help out. Wyatt won his first baseball tournament game last night, so they played again tonight at 8. Lily went home with Rachel after rehearsal and I made it there about 8:20. It was a nail biter game and they ended up losing by 1!! If they would have won-they would have been in the championship game! They were all so upset and all crying! It was 10:20 by this point and the coach was talking to them. It sounded like he was winding down, so I snuck away to go get Lily. I needed to get her to bed-she has a very busy next few days!(VBS, another rehearsal, birthday party, recital and grandparents visiting--whew!)
Anyway, I get her home and in bed and Jeff and Wyatt get home a bit later. Guess what I missed?
As soon as I left, Wyatt was awarded the Stutesman Award which only one player on each team gets! His coach gave a big speech about how some kids didn't always show up for practice, but Wyatt never missed, even when he had a broken hand. Click on the link to read the description-it's a very nice award. I would honestly rather him get an award like this-speaking to his kind nature and positive attitude than any award touting athletic ability. He IS very kind to others(well, maybe not his sister) and I am very proud of the person he is becoming. Jeff said Wyatt was crying. It really meant a lot to him. I can't believe I missed it! Another mom on the team got a picture, so hopefully she'll e-mail it to me.
The bright side is that baseball is over for the summer. Now we just have to get through the last week of dance and we're home free for a while! Yeah!!


Running to 2nd.
Advice from coach.
Action shot.
At the ready.
Waiting to run.

Monday, June 19, 2006

This is pretty funny. I had a bunch of the kids' old books that they've outgrown out getting ready to list them on e-bay. I look over and they were engrossed in them. Teletubbies and Winnie the Pooh. They were asking us questions about Teletubbies-quizzing us on the different colors of characters and such. Jeff actually knew more than I did! The kids didn't understand how we knew so much about them. I told them that we read those darn books to them so many times that we had them memorized!!
Wyatt said,"No way I actually liked this stuff!" Teletubbies was his favorite from about age 1-2.
How quickly time flies!!!!
Had to add this----Lily just saw this picture and said, " Oh, no, everyone will think we are babies!" I assured her that they would not and that they would know they were just reminiscing over the books that used to be their favorites!