Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Today was Spring picture day for the kids. I wanted to get a pic while they still looked good, because who knows what they will look like by the time pictures roll around.
This is exactly the reason that there aren't more pictures of Wyatt on my blog. He cannot take a pic without being goofy and making a funny face! I decided to go ahead and put this one on anyway. It was not easy finding something for them to wear for "spring" pictures when there are 3 inches of snow on the ground!
Jeff took the day off to work on the basement. I haven't been called to sub all week and it's been a nice break. Although, I probably won't be too happy when my paycheck comes! Oh, well. I'll take advantage of it while I can! I definitely have enough to do around here to keep me busy. I've been in a cabinet and closet organizing mood lately.
Speaking of that, I should go get something done now!!


Amy said...

At least your spring pics are technically in the spring--ours were in January! We had nothing springy in the drawers. The background was terrible anyway--some sort of paint splatter thing. YUCK!!