Friday, March 03, 2006

Wow-what a busy week. I subbed 4 days and the last 3 were in the LD(learning disabled) room. I really liked it--I either go to the kids classrooms and keep them on track or sometimes they come in our room and I help them with their work. There are some really great kids and I love working with them on a more individual basis. I'm going to be in there some next week, too. I have to say, I am really enjoying working again. It does make things a little more hectic, but it really feels good to go to a job again. Plus my paycheck I got on Friday was $318--love it!!
Tonight is Wyatt's party and I hope I'm up for it!!!
11 kids going cosmic bowling from 10-midnight and then spending the night!! Plus they're getting here at 6:30--I hope we can fill the time from 6:30 til 10!! We're ordering pizza and we have cake--he picked King Kong as his theme and they even had a King Kong cake!! He had a good "actual" birthday yesterday. He got to pick the dinner----chicken nuggets, curly fries, biscuits and mac and cheese. Wow-good for the diet(couldn't believe when I weighed this morning I had lost another lb for a total of 15!! YAY!) Jeff also surprised him with a Baskin-Robbins cake. He opened his MP3 player from us and a card for 60 songs from my mom. He also got some new shoes. He was really excited about the MP3 player. He's dying to download songs, but I told him we would have to wait til Saturday.
Well, wish me luck for tonight and I'll have lots of pics to post tomorrow!!


Amy said...

You sound like a glutton for punishment! 11 boys--all night---yikes!!