Monday, February 25, 2008

Our trip to Kentucky this weekend was nice. Got to visit lots of people. I didn't take any pics, though. We were just too busy.
My dad is doing Weight Watchers and we've been eating healthier, so there was lots of talk about food, weight, points and calories. Wyatt has been really good about doing the treadmill for the last couple of months now (not always without some urging, of course). Anyway, he got on the scale and we realized he's lost 8 lbs! That's huge for him and he is so excited and proud of himself. He's totally into it now and is counting his Weight Watchers points. Even when we ate out this weekend, he made healthy choices----a baked sweet potato! Are we talking about MY son? He even had me pack his lunch today with healthy food. Hopefully his enthusiasm will last!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today was a pretty big day at school. We had our "QAR", or Quality Assurance Review. It's where a team comes in and interviews teachers, support staff and students and then forms an overall opinion about our school. They then meet with us at the end of the day to tell us how we did. I happened to be one of the people picked to interview. I was kind of nervous, but it was fine and more laid back than I thought. They asked us what we felt our school's weaknesses/strengths are and how we felt we could help support/improve them. I'm so proud of our school. We had 2 commendations which is the highest level you can achieve. One of them was on our "team" spirit and how we all support each other and are there for each other and how we pull together to achieve our school goals. It was just really nice to hear that. It is an awesome place to work and to send your kids to school and I'm glad that was obvious to them. They also talked about how much kids who have gone here really remember it and I found out there is actually a facebook page called "I Was A Hinkle Creek Cougar"---it's pretty funny. Anyway, everyone is glad it's over---so jeans day tomorrow!
It's snowing again here---ugh! SICK of it already! Plus we are planning a trip to KY this weekend and I really don't want it to ruin that. It's even bad down that way, too. We'll just have to play it by ear.
Dinner's calling!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We had a great long weekend. Actually got to go out to dinner without the kiddos on Friday night. Lily was at a sleepover and Wyatt was at a church function with a friend. We tried a new local restaurant and it will now be one of our favorites----so good! We tried another new place(Mexican) on Saturday with the kids and it was great, too. Sunday after church Lily and I ran around all day shopping and running errands. Lots of little things I've been meaning to get to and have had no time. Then Monday we made our monthly Costco trip and another interesting shopping trip I can tell you about in a couple of weeks. We also spent over an hour at the library. Wyatt wanted some new books and before we bought them decided to check the library. They had them all. Can't see spending $8 on a paperback when we can check it out for free! Especially when he is reading 400 page books in a day!
Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention my Lia Sophia jewelry party I had last month. If anyone ever asks you to host one and you like jewelry---do it! I got $800 worth of jewelry for $150 and I love it all! And it was no work at all-the rep does all the work with the invites, etc. It was the easiest home party I've ever had and I got the most stuff I've ever gotten, too. Anyway, you'd think I was selling it(not going there again). Sometimes you're just not as happy with stuff from a catalog once you see it in person, but I thought these all looked better in person, so I was happy.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lily and her friends at Tori's birthday party.
They went to see Charlotte's Web at Beff and Boards----a play. They all got pig noses to wear. It was a cute play-we always enjoy their productions.

I was messing with settings on my camera before Lily's Valentine's party so here happens to be a picture of my room at school from the vantage point of my desk. The table is where I work with kids a lot.
Lily with her Valentine craft.
One of the beautiful flowers Jeff sent me at work on Valentine's Day. It was such a nice surprise. They are gorgeous!
Lily with Alissa and Wilbur after the play.
Lily with Charlotte. She had the best singing voice.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Lily had her Girl Scout father/daughter dance last night. She and Jeff had a great time. It was an 80's theme. We had fun coming up with an outfit. Brought back lots of memories! Of course picture taking turned into a photo session with Lily-she loves to pose. I got some cute ones.

Friday, February 08, 2008


The funky look.
Check out those abs! Is that a 2 pack?
Disco fever?
What would you like?
Gotta accessorize! I think that's a skirt as a poncho-very resourceful! Project Runway-watch out!

I haven't taken many pictures lately, but I was going through some old ones. At Christmas time, Lily organized a fashion show for her and her younger cousin. They went in the bathroom and Lily put together the outfits and they did a runway show. She has a really good fashion sense, I think. Love the "waitress look" with the towel over the arm-ha!
She loves clothes. Hmmm--wonder where she gets that from? She picked her clothes out last Sunday night for the week-I'm talking shoes and all. And I didn't even ask her to do it! She's so darn organized. Definitely gets that from her dad!
Anyway, just thought the pics were cute and wanted to share.
PF Chang's for dinner tonight-can't wait!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

All you Webkinz lovers out there---have you seen these? TYGIRLZ I don't think they are new, but they are to us. Lily got her first one this weekend. It's like Webkinz where you go on and register your particular girl, but the games are geared more toward girls Lily's age. She loves it! The dolls are really cute, too! They are the same price as Webkinz, too.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Lily's class performed nursery rhymes for parents Friday. She was the evil stepmother in Cinderella. She did great. She is so into any kind of performing. She even memorized all her lines. All the kids did a great job-it was fun to watch.
We went to the Hannah Montana concert movie yesterday afternoon. It was great. I especially loved the behind the scenes stuff. I really like her and hope she continues to be the good role model that she is---and doesn't go the same way as so many others. She seems to have a really good head on her shoulders. We'll see.