Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spring is knocking at the door---LITERALLY!!!

Lily, Rachel, and Wyatt making pizza.
Wyatt and Trevor at McDonald's.

Today I heard a loud sound at my back sliding glass door. It sounded like someone pounding on it--kinda scared me. I went and there was this robin(bottom pic) just standing there looking in at me. I think he had flown into the glass door-which has happened a couple of times before. He must have been kind of dazed because he was just standing there looking in at me for the longest time. Then he flew off and sat in a tree. Maybe he was thinking, what the heck--did I fly north too soon--it's freezing out here!?! (We did have snow 2 different times today!!)
Today was a great day. The kids only had a half day of school so we went to McDonald's with Tracee and her kiddos. (Tracee, I snapped this pic while you went to girls' room)We were there for 2 hours just talking while the kids played! It was actually relaxing. Then tonight, Charlene and Rachel came over for dinner because her hubby and son are also out of town. We had leftover vegetable soup, quesadillas with guacamole(and a bottle of wine) and the kids made homemade pizza. The kids watched a couple of movies while we talked. It was just a good girlfriend day! Jeff will be home in about 30 minutes or so. We have kids haircuts tomorrow and Wyatt has a birthday party. Otherwise, hopefully a pretty mellow weekend.


Amy said...

I wish I lived there! I'm glad you had a nice day.