Saturday, January 28, 2006

OK, this is just weird. I'm home all by myself at 6:00 on a Saturday night. WOW--the quiet house is SO nice! Lily just left for a Beauty School Drop Out party at her ballet. They are going to be doing 50's songs for their tap part of the recital, so they are watching the dancing parts of "Grease" tonight. They are also going to do make-overs and all that "girl" stuff.
Jeff and Wyatt went to Lowe's to buy the first wood for the basement--YAY! We got the storage area laid out today and he is going to start by framing that. It'll be so nice to have a place to send the kids when their friends are over! I guess I'll be hearing a lot of hammering for a while! Oh well, it'll be worth it.
I haven't taken many pics lately--nothing all that exciting going on for a while--which is kind of nice actually. I just got a huge memory card for my camera--so I need to get busy filling it up! Between my 2 cards--I should be able to take about 900 pics! Or fewer pics and some video---I really mainly need it for vacation and trips! After I ran out of memory in New York I decided that wouldn't happen again! Well, think I'll go enjoy the quiet now!!