Sunday, January 22, 2006

Here's Lily licking the spatula after she helped me make brownies today. I'm trying my best not to eat any--but it's hard! My weigh day is tomorrow(although I've been weighing throuout the week anyway!) As of Friday morning I had lost 7 pounds-we'll see if it stays the same tomorrow.
Jeff is ready to start on the basement--he measured tonight and is going to start on the storage closet. It's going to be 14' x 6' which should hopefully hold all of our junk! For a while we debated whether to finish it or just move--but I guess we're going to go ahead--even if we do move-it'll help resell value. It's pretty weird--the only thing really keeping us here is that we like it--Jeff doesn't even work around here anymore. We could just as easily live in Lexington--but I could not see moving the kids at this point--they have so many friends and go to such a great school.
Need to go get Lily in bed--they both had sleepovers this weekend and need to go to bed early tonight!!


Amy said...

Move here! Move here! You 'd make lots of great friends here! It is officially the 5th (I think) fastest growing city in the US. The majority of the population is young families.

Melody said...

You never know--it sounds a lot like our area--supposedly our county is the fastest growing county in the U.S.(and Noblesville is growing by leaps and bounds) and same thing--lots of young families and things for kids---which is nice. I just don't think I could pull the kids out of their school and away from their friends-ya know?