Thursday, June 22, 2006


The coach gave them all hugs.

Wow, what a night! I will start by saying I am SO proud of my son! Here's how it went......

Lily had dance recital rehearsal tonight from 5-8 and I stayed to help out. Wyatt won his first baseball tournament game last night, so they played again tonight at 8. Lily went home with Rachel after rehearsal and I made it there about 8:20. It was a nail biter game and they ended up losing by 1!! If they would have won-they would have been in the championship game! They were all so upset and all crying! It was 10:20 by this point and the coach was talking to them. It sounded like he was winding down, so I snuck away to go get Lily. I needed to get her to bed-she has a very busy next few days!(VBS, another rehearsal, birthday party, recital and grandparents visiting--whew!)
Anyway, I get her home and in bed and Jeff and Wyatt get home a bit later. Guess what I missed?
As soon as I left, Wyatt was awarded the Stutesman Award which only one player on each team gets! His coach gave a big speech about how some kids didn't always show up for practice, but Wyatt never missed, even when he had a broken hand. Click on the link to read the description-it's a very nice award. I would honestly rather him get an award like this-speaking to his kind nature and positive attitude than any award touting athletic ability. He IS very kind to others(well, maybe not his sister) and I am very proud of the person he is becoming. Jeff said Wyatt was crying. It really meant a lot to him. I can't believe I missed it! Another mom on the team got a picture, so hopefully she'll e-mail it to me.
The bright side is that baseball is over for the summer. Now we just have to get through the last week of dance and we're home free for a while! Yeah!!


Amy said...

How neat! I know you were so proud.

Tracee said...

Wow! I got teary-eyed just reading that. How exciting for him!