Sunday, June 11, 2006


Saying goodbye on Sunday.
The whole gang.
Craft table.
Making sit up-ons. I remember making these in girl scouts, too!!
Signing each other's shirts.
Playing "telephone".

Well, the camping trip was a huge success! All the girls, all 21 of them, had a blast! There wasn't a single argument or bad moment at all-which I thought was pretty amazing with 21 seven year old girls!! It was cool, because it was our troop and a troop from another Noblesville elementary school. The girls made lots of new friends and we are going to do other activities with this troop in the future, so that when they go to intermediate school, they will know some other girls.
They really did a lot and even though we had some rain, it didn't stop us from doing anything outdoors. There were so many trees that you could hear the rain, but could not feel it under all of the trees.
Lily said her favorite parts were the pajama fashion show and the nature hike. The fashion show was so cute. They made a runway and turned the lights out. The girls all shined their flashlights on the group that was going. You should have seen some of these girls strut--Lily included, of course!
On the nature hike, we saw frogs, slugs, snails, raccoon tracks and lots of deer tracks. Lily found the cutest smiley face leaf laying right in her path on the trail. I'll post a pic of it.
Lily was one of the last ones asleep last night and one of the first ones up this morning-she'll be so wiped later!!!