Friday, June 09, 2006


Wyatt with his badminton racket "oar".
Wyatt chillin.
Wyatt and his buds Jonaton and Andrew
Leia, Anna and Lily.
Wyatt at baseball camp.
Anna and Lily.
Lily, Leia and Anna.

We went to lunch and to swim at our friends, the Harps', neighborhood pool today. The kids had a blast with their friends--they ended up seeing other friends from school there, too. We had to drag them out of the pool at 6. We all got a little too much sun. The day started out very cool and dreary and we didn't even think we would be able to swim, but it ended up hot and sunny. You just never know around here!
Lily ended up going home with her friend Leia to spend the night. She has tennis camp the hour before Lily so it worked out well since I have a hair appointment in the morning.
Wyatt really enjoyed baseball camp. I didn't get many pics of him because I basically had to drop him off , go back and get Lily from tennis and then come back and get him. He knew lots of kids there, too. That is something I really love about a town this size. I can sign them up for anything and know that they will know at least a couple of people there.