Thursday, June 01, 2006

The "girl table" in Lily's class.
Lily with Mrs. Cammack

Well-school is finally out!!! It was a pretty eventful last week. Lily had her watermelon/field day which I posted pics of already. Wyatt had his field day yesterday. They had a lot of fun. They had an awards ceremony this morning. Lily got a 98% attendance.Wyatt got 100% attendance. It was hard to say goodbye to Mrs. Cammack as a teacher-we were both teary eyed. Those special teachers just don't come along that often. This was her 25th year teaching 1st grade and it is her passion. She was just like a grandmother to the kids as well as being a phenomenal teacher. Lily came SO far this year and is very ready for 2nd grade.

I'm definitely ready for summer! Teaching every day has made me appreciate the time off that much more. The kids both have camps next week. Lily has tennis and Wyatt baseball. Wyatt gets his cast off Monday(hopefully) so he will be able to swim after that. The next week Lily has 4-H camp. Wyatt and Rachel are too old this year. The week after that they have VBS. Lily has recital and then the last week of the month Lily has Girl Scout camp and Wyatt and Rachel are doing a camp at a park.

Yeah, it's a busy month--but it's a fun kind of busy.


Amy said...

Your June sounds like ours--busy. You're right though, it's a fun kind of busy. I have one neighbor that thinks I'm a terrible mom (not really) for having my kids scheduled for so many camps this month. They love it though AND they will have 6 weeks before school starts with nothing to do. I think that's plenty of time!