Monday, June 26, 2006


Ok this picture has nothing to do with camp, but I thought it was funny. Jeff was doing something out in garage the other day. So next time I go out there for something, I see this. He's gearing up for July 4. Well, actually Julyt 1 for us, because that is when we're having our annual get together with the neighbors. We have tons of fireworks, and I mean the BIG kind. I didn't even ask how much he spent on them-I'd rather not know. I guess this set up must be for some kind of grand finale. These are all attached to a big board. Jeff and the neighbor have been planning this for a month. Who knows what they have up their sleeves! What big kids!!!

Now on to camp..........

Lily with her friends Casey, Leia and Lauren.
Lauren, Lily, Alissa and Cassie.
Ready to go.
Getting on the bus. Is she really old enough to do this????
My little camper.

Lily went to her first day of Girl Scout camp today. She was so excited. I, however, not so much. It just felt really odd to send her on a bus for an hour to get there and then not really know what she was doing all day until 4:30. She ended up having a great time. They made strawberry jam. I made biscuits for dinner so we could sample it and it was delicious!
She was absolutely filthy from head to toe when she got home---and that's the way it should be!
Wyatt and Rachel also had camp at Forest Park. They are learning all about the river. They took a long hike, played games and made crafts. They really loved it. Friday they are supposed to go canoeing. I'm trying to decide if I'm going with them or not. It's been years since I've canoed and it might be nice.

Well, better go get Lily in bed. It's gonna be another early morning!!!!


Amy said...

Abby's sit-upon is made of the same material as Lauren's. How funny!