Friday, June 30, 2006


Here's the whole group that went.
Wyatt and a friend he made hiking to where we put our canoes in. It was about a 2 mile hike along the river.
Some kids he knew and some he met.
Wyatt and Rachel and their friend C.J. He's actually the son of a Hinkle Creek 4th grade teacher. They both really liked him. I think Rachel had a little crush ;-)
Wyatt at Potter's Bridge. This is a really cool old covered bridge in Noblesville. This is where our hike ended. They had a snack at the park there and then we put our canoes in.

We had a very outdoorsy day today. Wyatt's Forest Park day camp did a canoe trip today and I went along. They only did it for the camp that was this particular week because it is called "Follow the River". We just got lucky that this was the week we signed up. It was a lot of fun--and a lot of work! I can already tell I'm gonna be sore! Wyatt did a great job paddling! We had perfect weather, too.