Thursday, June 29, 2006

OK, this is weird. It's 7:28 and I am alone in my house. Lily spent the night at Girl Scout camp tonight, Jeff is out of town and Wyatt is sleeping over at his friend Thomas'. That's Wyatt with Michael and Thomas heading out. Can you tell--he did not want me to take his pic. I just feel like I get so many more of Lily. But, it's because she LOVES to have her picture taken and he hates it!

Well, the big canoe trip is tomorrow. Should be fun. I'm sure I'll be sore. I'm hoping to get pics but not sure if I should risk taking my camera. Wyatt has enjoyed camp this week and Lily has really loved it, too. She has made strawberry jam, candles and a cookbook. I have a pic of her with it all , but I think it's on my other memory card, so I'll post later.

Guess I should go, my Chinese food should be here any minute---and it's all for me-YUM :-P


Amy said...

I don't even know what I would do! I think I'd probably read. What excitement!