Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lily's last piece of art she did in art class. It's a crowing rooster in pastels.

Lily is loving tennis camp. She is doing really well, too. She was in a group of about 8 kids today and they played this game where you have to do something a little harder each time it's your turn(like hit the ball to a certain spot). If you mess up, then you have to go to the bottom spot. If you do it right, then you stay in the your spot til you work your way to the top. She made it all the way to the top spot(so she was the "President"). The next person down was the VP all the way down to dog catcher. It was a cute game.
I would love to sign her up for lessons, but when would I fit it in?!?!?
Wyatt is doing baseball camp at the same time. I didn't go today because I was babysitting my friends kids, so another friend took Wyatt to camp. I'm taking them tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get some pics of him. He got his cast off yesterday!!! YAY!! So he was able to participate today and swim last night and today. He's so happy. He did great at his first practice back last night. They were bunting and the coach told him his bunt was the best!
It's been a great first couple of days of summer break!! Gotta love free camps!!!