Friday, June 23, 2006


Lily's ballet routine is the Doll Dance where they all dance like wind up dolls Lily is on the far right.
Walking backstage to start rehearsal.
This guy lifts them all out of this giant toy box. This is Lily being lifted out-It's so cute!
Last night was dress rehearsal for Lily's dance recital.
The theme for the ballet portion is "When You Believe". All of the costumes are cream, gold and wine. Lily's class' dance is called "Wind Up Dolls".
I tried to get some pictures, but it was so dark in there they didn't turn out that great. I was working out at a table taking people's payments and dispersing tickets so I didn't see the whole thing--I could've watched more than I did, but decided I wanted it to be a suprise at the actual recital this year. From what I saw-it looks like it's gonna be very cute. Ms. Michele always does such a great job. I don't know how she organizes it all. She has so many students now that she has to divide them up by age and do 3 separate recitals. She has it running like clockwork--luckily.


Amy said...

How do they all fit in the box?!

Melody said...

I'll have to ask Lily to be sure, but I think they must come from behind the curtain through a hole in the back of the box.