Monday, June 19, 2006

This is pretty funny. I had a bunch of the kids' old books that they've outgrown out getting ready to list them on e-bay. I look over and they were engrossed in them. Teletubbies and Winnie the Pooh. They were asking us questions about Teletubbies-quizzing us on the different colors of characters and such. Jeff actually knew more than I did! The kids didn't understand how we knew so much about them. I told them that we read those darn books to them so many times that we had them memorized!!
Wyatt said,"No way I actually liked this stuff!" Teletubbies was his favorite from about age 1-2.
How quickly time flies!!!!
Had to add this----Lily just saw this picture and said, " Oh, no, everyone will think we are babies!" I assured her that they would not and that they would know they were just reminiscing over the books that used to be their favorites!


Amy said...

Looks like it rained today? Such a good time to go through things like that!

Melody said...

Yes, it has rained off and on for a few days-weird weather-it storms for 30 minutes and then the sun is out. I have gotten a lot done-tho!!