Sunday, February 05, 2006

Why do we even spend our money on toys?? Jeff bought a new shop vac today and the kids(especially Lily) have played with the box ALL day!! What is it about a cardboard box? I don't think anything has ever kept her attention for longer!! She looks like a rag-a-muffin in this picture!! She has a terrible habit of chewing on her hair and it just makes it hang in these long, wet strands--YUCK!! Oh, she is under the box in the picture with Wyatt!
These are some pics of the basement progress. Jeff got all 4 walls for the closet up today. It looks a lot larger than we thought it would--but that's OK--we need the storage!! It's actually going faster than I thought it would--he's gotten this far in only 2 weekends--not too bad.


Amy said...

My kids save all of our trash--cereal boxes, butter tubs, etc... It's hard to find a place to put everything! I wish we had a basement like that. How cool!