Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bad, Bad Tooth Fairy!!!!

OMG-We have the WORST tooth fairy around here! She is just SO inconsistent! Lily put her newly lost tooth under her pillow last night and the tooth fairy forgot to come!! I'm pretty sure she had the money laid out and ready too and it just slipped her mind!! Lily was in tears this morning--I was so mad at that tooth fairy!! Wyatt told her the tooth fairy doesn't work on Saturdays--she didn't buy it! It's not the first time she has forgotten, either! (Or should I say, that we THOUGHT she had forgotten!?!) All was fine, though---when we went to double check her bed, we found that the money had slipped between the headboard and the wall--WHEW! I explained to her that she leaves the teeth sometimes because she knows that the mommies like to keep them! I hope your tooth fairy is better than ours ;-)
She is dying to go shopping today to spend her whopping $2.00. Actually she has $20 also that my mom sent her for Valentine's day. It's burning a hole in her pocket. My kids are just like me, they can't save!! Jeff is the saver in the family--luckily, I guess since he makes the real money!
Well, need to go get on the treadmill and then go do some shopping!


Amy said...

The tooth fairy forgets all the time to come by our house. Sometimes she just stinks!

Melody said...

Well, I'm glad to know it's not just ours ;-)