Saturday, February 25, 2006

My friend Amanda mentioned that she wanted to list some things on e-bay but wasn't sure how. I told her I do it all the time, so she offered to take some pics of the kids if I would help her with e-bay. (She's a photographer) She just snapped these real quick while Lily was over playing today so I could get an idea of what she does. I have seen her portfolio, too and it's really good. I really love the first one. You can see Lily's lost tooth in the second pic.
I guess we are gonna go tonight and get Wyatt's birthday shopping done. He has been wanting an I-pod since Christmas and we told him if he still really wanted it by his birthday--we would get it for him. Don't ya hate those promises you don't really intend to keep--but the kids will NOT forget!!! Anyway, I guess he's gonna get his way! There is just nothing else he wants. It's so hard for boys at this age, I think!!