Saturday, February 18, 2006

Lily with Shannon and Rachel.
Lily with Cinderella.
Lily with the evil step-sisters. Aren't they pretty?
Me and Lily.

Today we went to a local theater production of Cinderella. We have been to several at this place before and they are always great! They provide a snack and drink and it's only an hour long--perfect! We went with 2 other mothers and daughters and went out to lunch first. It was fun.
Speaking of eating--Jeff and I went out last night for Valentine's Day to a nice steak house in downtown Indy. It was really good and we didn't even go that much over the $100 gift certificate that he had. Maybe $30 with tip and valet parking. Not too bad. It's been a busy weekend so far after a very busy week. I had a very challenging 2nd grade class on Friday and they wore me out!! It didn't help that I've got some kind of head cold thing. Anyway, I was glad the week was over--working 4 days might just be a little too much for me!! Especially when it involves 25 kids all day!!!