Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lily with her artwork displayed at the movie theater.
Lily with her new favorite toy.

Lily has been wanting a "Skip-it" for a while. She decided to spend her money today on one. I guess it's the new thing at recess. "All the girls have one." I can tell she's done it a lot--she's pretty good.
Well, we finally did it. We bought a washer/dryer today. We couldn't even do laundry this weekend and unfortunately, no place stocks this model so it will be a week from tomorrow before we get it delivered. It's rediculous what they cost--you could buy a cheap car for what they cost! Oh well, can't go naked I guess! I tried to add a link to the one we got--but it was so long, it was throwing my page off. It's the Maytag Neptune 9700 washer and the dryer that goes with it. They had a good deal at Home Depot where one of the pedestals was free.
It'll be so cool to get a load of laundry done in less than an hour---which is what it's been taking us with these old ones!! I have to say, we got 15 years out of the ones we have now. We definitely got our money's worth!!!


Tracee said...

Emma has been talking about those skip-its, too. She said she has been playing with someone's at school. You will love your washer and dryer. That's the same one we got and they are great!

Amy said...

What color did you get? White or the stainless steel color?

Melody said...

We just went with the basic white.