Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Not too much going on this week. The kids have bowling camp every morning, which they are enjoying now that they got switched around to be on teams with their friends. They are both having sleepovers tonight. Tracee and I did the old switch-a-roo. Emma came here and Wyatt went to Trevor's ( Emma's brother).
Look at this adorable place we are going this weekend. Jeff goes to this town a few times a month for work and has always wanted to take us there. He had to go this weekend for a Sunday meeting, so we're tagging along. Should be fun.
It's Frankenmuth, MI.
We are staying at a hotel with a water park inside and eating at this family style restaurant that is known for it's fried chicken dinners. They also have the world's largets Christmas shop next to the hotel.
The kids should enjoy it--I'm just gonna let them think we are going to a regular hotel so they'll be excited when they see the waterpark.
Well, better go get the girls settled in bed.