Wednesday, July 19, 2006


This is my neighbor after he caught one of them. You can see how small it is by the size of his hand. That's the nest by his other hand. He said he had just mowed and weedeated right over it.

OK, a couple of hours ago the neighbor men were all standing out front talking and this I saw them trying to catch something. A tiny bunny had hopped out by the street where they were. Our neighbor caught it--it actually squealed very loudly when he did!!! We had no idea where it came from. Then he rememberd an odd spot of grass in his backyard and went to look at it. Sure enough, when he pulled it back, there were several other bunnies nestled in there. Then the wrangling began. They all kept hopping out and way from the nest-they were fast, too! He was getting good at catching them-so we were calling him the bunny whisperer.
We think there was one more that we didn't find. We looked everywhere, but then it got dark. We have the 3 of them in a box in out garage. I guess I'll try to find a place to take them tomorrow. We think the mom must have met with bad luck because they should not have been coming out of the nest like they were-they must have been hungry.
Well, we all learned what a bunny nest looks like and that bunnies DO make noise tonight! A little nature lesson for the kids (and the grown ups).
Hopefully they will make it through the night and I can find a place to take them. I know there is one lady here in town that takes small animals like squirrels and bunnies and rasies them-so I'm gonna try to find her.