Monday, July 17, 2006


The night we went to Broadway at the Beach, Lily had to go to the Build-a-Bear store. It's where she and Wyatt got their first Build-a-Bears when she was just 4 months old and he was 2. She was saving her money to go there because sometimes they have certain bears there that they don't have at the other locations. Well, come to find out they had added on to the store-a whole new section and it was just for the dolls, called Friends 2B Made. They have the smaller dolls at our store, but they had these adorable larger ones that can wear the BAB clothes--called Sweetheart Dolls--that are only available at 6 of their locations. Well, she was in heaven making "Sara". The clothes and accessories are so cute-she got an outfit, a sleeping bag, and a pet fish for hers. They have a whole "salon" set up in the store, so after you make your doll, you can put her in the chair and blow dry her hair, put make-up on her and fix her all up. It was just too cute!


Tracee said...

Wish they had the dolls in our store. They look really cute! So glad that you're home. We sure have missed you! Thanks for sending the post cards to the kids, they absolutely loved them!