Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Field of dreams.
Jeff running for 1st.
Me running for 1st.
Ashley getting ready to hit.
Wyatt running to 1st.

OMG-this has to be the most physical activity I've gotten in one day in a long time! Ashley and I went for a 7 mile bike ride(we did it yesterday, too). It was so nice-that's one form of excercise I really do enjoy. When we got back, the guys had a baseball game going. We joined in, of course. I was already dying from the bike ride and it about killed me--but it was so much fun!! The adults had as much fun as the kids! Ash actually hit 2 homeruns--go Ash!!! I only struck out once and scored a few runs. I think I will sleep very well tonight!!! Oh, Lily took the pics by the way! I think she did a great job! I'll hafta post some of the others she took later--it's always a suprise when the kids get ahold of the camera-you never know what you might get!!