Sunday, July 16, 2006


Well, I've spent a while posting these pics and I still have a lot more I wanna post. These are the best of the beach and pool pics. I still have pics from our nights out and the waterpark-but I need a break from it!! I'll try to get back on and post more later-or it may be tomorrow!!

The kids have been so happy to be home today. Wyatt came home to a nice suprise-the new family has moved in on the court across from us and they have an 8 year old boy and an 11 year old boy. The other neighbor boys brought them over 1st thing to introduce them. They seem very nice. There are now 7 boys in the same age range all living within a few houses from us-they ran from house to house all day today. I have a feeling it's gonna get crazy around here! They already have a huge baseball game planned for later tonight.
Poor Lily-no girls ever seem to move in around here. At least not close enough by for her to run like the boys do.
OK-need to go start dinner. More posting to come!!!


Amy said...

We are just the opposite--all girls and NO boys. We have heard that a neighbor across the street might move so we're hoping they do and a 6 year old boy moves in!