Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Go, Lily, Go!!!
Getting ready for the big show.
Inflatable obstacle course.

Today was a busy and fun day. This morning was the neighborhood bike parade which Lily did, but Wyatt didn't. She had fun. Then we went to the Noblesville parade and Lily rode in it on a float for The Pink Slipper dance studio. Wyatt enjoyed watching the parade(and gathering lots of candy) with some friends. This evening, we went to the big fireworks show at the high school. They had activities before which were all free. Lily REALLY wanted to do the rock climbing wall. She did an awesome job, too! I couldn't talk Wyatt into trying it.
Then we watched the fireworks show, which was great and lasted about 30 minutes.
Since we basically played all day, I have SO much to do in the next 2 days before we leave for Myrtle Beach!!!