Monday, July 17, 2006

This is really cool. It's a huge volcano that dumps 700 gallons of water every 6-8 minutes. It gives a warning bell and all the kids gather under it. Wyatt and Lily are under there somewhere!
After the water dumped.

Lily on one of the smaller slides.
Lily on the Super Chute. It's a really fun slide-One of my favorites!
Wyatt on Super Chute.
Jeff taking his turn.
Wyatt on the lazy river.

We spent one day at Myrtle Waves water park. It's such a nice water park and just the right size. It has a wave pool, a lazy river, some really big slides and lots of meduim size slides. We actually like it better than Blizzard Beach in Disney. Wyatt did all of the slides, even the huge Turbo Twister. Lily did all of them except for that one-it was even a little much for me. She wanted to do it, but I was afraid it would freak her out. It's the world's tallest tubular slide at 10 stories tall and you go 50 feet per second in it-to top it all off--it's pitch black all the way! It was fun, though. I told her maybe next year-Wyatt did it for the first time last year. The walk to the top is enough to wear you out!