Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Well, after an hour of calling around, I finally got in touch with someone that knows about bunnies. Apparently, if their eyes are open, they are fine to be on their own. It's hard to believe, they are so small. We put them back out in the yard. One of them hopped away immediately, the other 2 didn't. A little later, another one did. The third one is still out there--I hope he's gonna be OK. One of the other ones is still kind of hanging around, too, but active. He has already dug 2 little holes and was down in one of them and we saw him eating grass. He kept hopping over to us when we released him and he crawled right up Wyatt's pajama pant leg. We had to shake him out. They are so darn cute-makes you just wanna keep em, but I know we can't.