Sunday, July 30, 2006


One of the buildings in town.
Getting ready to watch a movie in the lobby. Those windows look into the waterpark.
They had basketball hoops in the pool. Wyatt loved it.

The big hot tub.

This is what all of the buildings look like in the downtown area.
On the carriage ride.
In front of the place we ate. It was SOOO good!
We took a horse drawn carriage ride around the town. The kids loved it! We saw some really old houses and learned a little about the history of Frankenmuth.
This was Lily's favorite thing at the waterpark. She must have gone across it 100 times!
After coming down one of the big slides.

We had a really good time on our short trip to Frankenmuth, MI. It is a really unique town--I've never been anywhere like it. I felt like I was in a storybook-that's what everything looks like. I've never seen so many flowers as they had planted all along the streets and sidewalks.
The kids had a great time at the waterpark in our hotel. It is the most kid-friendly hotel we've ever stayed at. They even showed a movie on the 4 story wall in the lobby last night for the kids(102 Dalmations) and had popcorn and snacks.
The restaurant we ate at Saturday night was wonderful. All you can eat fried chicken dinners. I've never seen so much food--they bring out about 6 appetizers to start with and it is all served family style in big bowls. Man-it was good!
We went to the world's largest Christmas store which was next to our hotel. It's so big, they hand you a map when you walk in. It just goes on and on. I found an angel for my nativity that I have been trying to find for a while. I think they must have had an ornament for any theme you would want in there!
Hopefully we'll get to go back someday because there is a lot we didn't have time to do!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Pictures from the week.

Crazy girls.
Lily's birdhouse that she made in 4-H camp. It was on display at the fair.

Lily and Emma playing with Barbies.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Not too much going on this week. The kids have bowling camp every morning, which they are enjoying now that they got switched around to be on teams with their friends. They are both having sleepovers tonight. Tracee and I did the old switch-a-roo. Emma came here and Wyatt went to Trevor's ( Emma's brother).
Look at this adorable place we are going this weekend. Jeff goes to this town a few times a month for work and has always wanted to take us there. He had to go this weekend for a Sunday meeting, so we're tagging along. Should be fun.
It's Frankenmuth, MI.
We are staying at a hotel with a water park inside and eating at this family style restaurant that is known for it's fried chicken dinners. They also have the world's largets Christmas shop next to the hotel.
The kids should enjoy it--I'm just gonna let them think we are going to a regular hotel so they'll be excited when they see the waterpark.
Well, better go get the girls settled in bed.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006


Lily, Emma and Savannah running to the big hill.
Wyatt rolling down the big hill. His back was torn up!!

My little monkey made it to the top!! YIKES!

Wyatt and Trevor striking a pose.

Today we went to a park we had never been to today with Tracee and her kiddos. It was pretty cool. It had a farm theme and had some water play features. We took a pic-nic and the kids had a good time playing.


Well, as of yesterday, 2 of the bunnies were still hanging around. One of them loves us and hops over to us the minute it sees us. It likes you to pet it and feed it grass. The other one has the instinct it should and hops away. Today, I only saw one of them out there. Jeff found it down in the window well and had to rescue it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Well, after an hour of calling around, I finally got in touch with someone that knows about bunnies. Apparently, if their eyes are open, they are fine to be on their own. It's hard to believe, they are so small. We put them back out in the yard. One of them hopped away immediately, the other 2 didn't. A little later, another one did. The third one is still out there--I hope he's gonna be OK. One of the other ones is still kind of hanging around, too, but active. He has already dug 2 little holes and was down in one of them and we saw him eating grass. He kept hopping over to us when we released him and he crawled right up Wyatt's pajama pant leg. We had to shake him out. They are so darn cute-makes you just wanna keep em, but I know we can't.


This is my neighbor after he caught one of them. You can see how small it is by the size of his hand. That's the nest by his other hand. He said he had just mowed and weedeated right over it.

OK, a couple of hours ago the neighbor men were all standing out front talking and this I saw them trying to catch something. A tiny bunny had hopped out by the street where they were. Our neighbor caught it--it actually squealed very loudly when he did!!! We had no idea where it came from. Then he rememberd an odd spot of grass in his backyard and went to look at it. Sure enough, when he pulled it back, there were several other bunnies nestled in there. Then the wrangling began. They all kept hopping out and way from the nest-they were fast, too! He was getting good at catching them-so we were calling him the bunny whisperer.
We think there was one more that we didn't find. We looked everywhere, but then it got dark. We have the 3 of them in a box in out garage. I guess I'll try to find a place to take them tomorrow. We think the mom must have met with bad luck because they should not have been coming out of the nest like they were-they must have been hungry.
Well, we all learned what a bunny nest looks like and that bunnies DO make noise tonight! A little nature lesson for the kids (and the grown ups).
Hopefully they will make it through the night and I can find a place to take them. I know there is one lady here in town that takes small animals like squirrels and bunnies and rasies them-so I'm gonna try to find her.

Monday, July 17, 2006


The living room of our condo-it was decorated really nicely.
View from the beach of our condo building-Regency Towers. We were on the 4th floor this year-which was just about the right height up-Jeff said he might want to try to 18th floor next time-I'm not so sure about that!


This is the Turbo Twister water slide that Wyatt and I did.

The wave pool.