Wednesday, August 08, 2007


This is the bus entrance to the school taken from the second floor. The cafeteria is straight ahead and the library is on the left in the picture.
Rachel and Wyatt in front of the school.

Digging for bones in the Dinosphere exhibit.
On the carousel.

Well, it's the last full week before school starts. I told the kids we would do something fun everyday. Monday we went to the Children's Museum. I had only planned on staying a couple of hours, but we were there almost 5. They still love it. Yesterday we went to walk around the new intermediate school again just so they can feel really comfortable and know where things are. Then we went bowling. It was dollar day which was even better! I could really tell they learned a lot in bowling camp. They all did really well. Today we are going to Chuck E Cheese. It's just too darn hot to do anything outside, even the pool (for me at least, since I don't stay in the whole time). So, we are tryting to find air conditioned things to do.
I led my first PTO meeting last night. I was a bit nervous but not too bad and I think it went OK. It did help that there were only 2 people I didn't know.