Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tracee, Emma, me and Lily on stage.
Emma and Lily with their bibles.
Lily at her desk.
Lily with her teacher Mrs. Perrot and her friend Alissa that's in her class.

Lily's ice cream social was last night. As PTO president I had to be there for the whole thing and then some. I got there about 2 so I nosed around and found out what teacher she got. I was so happy--it was my first choice! She didn't get in class with her friend Emma and she was disappointed about that. She does have some friends in her class, though. A few boys I'm kind of worried about, but I think this teacher is good at handling them. She has a movie themed room which Lily loved and last year rented a whole movie theater and took the class to see Charlotte's Web after they read it. She does some neat extra things and it should be a good year.
Lily received her 3rd grade bible on Sunday. She was happy about that.
Well, off to enjoy our last day of freedom!!! School tomorrow!!