Thursday, August 30, 2007

The kids just went with Jeff to get the boat. We are heading to Kentucky tomorrow to try her out for the first time. We decided to take it down there for the first time out so Jeff's dad can give us some lessons! Especially on getting it in and out of the water. He knows about all there is to know about boating so I'm sure he'll have lots to teach us! Then we hope to get it out at least once more before the weather gets too cold.
It's been a normal week around here---which is actually nice. There's something to be said for routine. I think we all like it. The kids are both loving school so that's a good thing. My job is great and I'm getting acclimated to my new class schedule. Get my first paycheck of the school year tomorrow---yay!
Well, better go get folding laundry and packing.
Have a great holiday weekend!!