Friday, August 10, 2007

So yesterday we're heading out to meet Jenny and the kids at Chuck E Cheese. My gas is totally on empty so I stop at the gas station. I realize I left my check card in my purse that is at home , so I head back home to get it. On the way back home, someone in front of me stops fairly suddenly. I didn't have to slam on my brakes, it was just a bit of a sudden stop. I never even felt in danger of hitting the person in front of me. I hear a very loud screech and then BAM, we're hit. After realizing what happened I pulled over, but the (tiny) car that hit me wasn't moving, so I rushed back to it in fear that they were badly hurt. It turned out to be a car full of teenage boys. The 17 year old driver was so upset and I felt so bad for him(having been in the same situation at his age). He was so worried about his parents' reaction, etc. Luckily, they all had their seatbelts on and were fine. His car wasn't, though, and had to be towed since the radiator was busted and all of the fluid leaked out. Not remembering that I was out of gas, I turned the car on so the kids could have air in the 95 degree heat. They were so scared by the whole thing, especially Lily. Well, after the cop did his thing, I went to start my car and, yup, I was out of gas. Sooooo, I had to wait on another police officer to bring me gas. They were so nice. Anyway, an hour later, we were headed to Chuck E Cheese. We got the estimate this morning and it's $1200. The bumper has to be replaced. The boy's dad is going to pay for it out of pocket, plus a rent a car for me while it's in the shop, so his son's premium doesn't go through the roof. I'm so glad I drive something big and sturdy. He hit us at at least 30 MPH and I was surprised there wasn't more damage. Especially looking at his car. The skid marks are still on the road. We saw them today--they were at least 20 feet long. I'm so glad nobody was hurt.


Amy said...

What a day. Sounds like when we were hit right after we moved here. The teenage girl was MORTIFIED!! At least we had gas!