Sunday, August 26, 2007

Michael, Sam and Wyatt on the boat (in the driveway ;-)

Lily getting a bit chilly in the back of the convertible.
A beautiful sunset on our ride.

We had a really good weekend. Lily had 2 soccer games and her team won both of them--yay!
She also had her Checceti testing at dance today and we'll find out tomorrow how she did.
Jeff had rented a convertible mustang last week for travel and he used one of his free weekends to keep it this weekend. We have had so much fun in it. We went for a long drive into the country last night. It has been nice convertible weather so it's been great. We'll be sad to take it back tomorrow. The kids have loved it.
We got the boat out today to clean it up and get it ready for next weekend. It's in amazingly good shape for it's age. It's been well taken care of. The kids can't wait to take it out.
That's about it. Gearing up for another week of work and school!


Amy said...

I can't believe she was cool! We've had record 100 degree days here--nights in the high 80's!