Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lily and Anna before their High School Musical party. I think every little girl in town was at one Friday night! Funny that it has been on every night since-including tonight.
We had a good relaxing weekend, which we definitely needed before this hellacious week coming up.
The week coming up includes:
Monday--dance, soccer, Lily's parent night at school
Tuesday--youth group, parent night for Wyatt
Wednesday--soccer, parent night that I have to be at
Thursday--guitar lesson, last parent night-yay!
Friday---nothing!!! Yay!!
oh--plus work every day.
Whew-I'll be SO glad when next weekend is here!


Amy said...

My older two were at HSM2 parties, too. So funny. It was the main topic of conversation for the first 20 minutes of our (adult) SS class this morning!